Cracking Knuckles

by Bethany Hewitt 

Until working here at Touch MedSpa, I hadn’t ever even so much as cracked my knuckles. So when our chiropractor’s assistant Michelle, asked if I wanted to get an adjustment I instantly said NO THANK YOU! I know, I know, you’ve probably seen a chiropractor and you know that this is an entirely irrational fear. For any of you who haven’t had an adjustment, maybe you can relate to my unreasonable concern.

Now let’s jump ahead to a few months later when just about every single person I’d spoken to has sworn that seeing a chiropractor is a magical, life changing experience. I was still skeptical and incredibly nervous, but one day I got my courage up and put myself on Dr. Bell’s schedule for an adjustment. Now when I say I was nervous, I’m not talking the cute, giggly, jittery nervous. It was the full on clammy palms, and anxious thoughts, hoping I would simply get too busy and not be able to get back to his office.

Of course, the office was SILENT when I heard Michelle’s high heels strolling down the hallway, surely on her way to drag me to an exam room for my adjustment. I could run, or even hide in the little closet behind my desk! All I could think about was the best escape route to avoid this adjustment at all costs! In the time it took me to consider all escape options, Michelle was standing there in front of me saying “You ready!?” with a bright cheery smile. How could she be so excited about this torture I was about to endure!? (yes I’m aware that I can be a *little* dramatic when I’m nervous). There was no way around it. I had to gather my courage and face this fear of mine. I was surely doomed.

I followed Michelle back to Dr. Bell’s office and sat down in the first exam room. Dr. Bell started by telling me a little bit about what he does and I was instantly way less nervous. For anyone who’s met Dr. Bell, they’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. He has this calming way about him and even though I was still nervous, I knew I was in good hands. Once he explained how everything works, he had me lay down on the table began adjusting my spine. It was quick and absolutely painless!

The ONLY remotely unpleasant part of the adjustment was the sound but it really didn’t bother me. I was expecting it to be painful and I couldn’t have been more wrong there. (Yes everyone who told me I was being irrational was in fact right). The entire experience was actually relaxing, and turns out they weren’t kidding when they said that getting an adjustment is magical. It was like someone removed a really heavy backpack that I didn’t even know I was carrying and now I’m running back to his office for adjustments all the time!!!

I’m so thankful for all the coworkers and patients who urged me to be brave and see Dr. Bell! If you haven’t seen a chiropractor, or are nervous like I was, I strongly suggest making an appointment with him to see what you’ve been missing!