Diet, Exercise and Body Types – How CoolSculpting Can Help You Achieve Your Ideal Body Shape

by Jessica Bell

Why do some bodies respond differently to diet and exercise? 

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were all created equal?  Well, we are but, why did some of us get the short end of the stick (haha, no pun intended my short friends) when it comes to body type?  It’s really not fair but, I guess it would be pretty boring if we all fit into the same package when it came to our shapes and sizes!

Truth is, we are all created different and while my best friend in the whole wide world can drink 3 beers and eat almost a whole pizza without a problem on movie night….I can’t button my jeans the next day after such a binge.  So, we ask WHY?  Why is it so easy for some to gain weight or lose weight?  The next question is HOW can we figure out our best strategy for our optimum weight for our body type?  

What is your body type and what does it mean? 

Everyone’s body is unique, and everyone falls into a body type category.  This category does not just indicate your particular build but, your physiological response to diet and exercise as well!

There are three types of categories for our bodies:  ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.  The tricky part is you may be a combination of traits from two or all types.

Ectomorph: This is a classification of people who are generally lean and long.  They carry a narrow chest with thin arms and legs.  They typically have a hard time gaining weight or building muscle mass and have very little fat. This lucky group of people have high metabolisms and have it easy maintaining that slim figure.  So, it’s safe to say my skinny mini best friend clearly fits into the category!

Mesomorph: A mesomorph carries an athletic build.  They look strong and rectangular.  They gain weight faster than an ectomorph but, can maintain more of a fit muscular body much easier than their ectomorph friends.  They can easily maintain this build through working out at the gym quite easily.

Endomorph: Endomorphs usually have a short, solid physique with a soft round body.  They have a slower metabolism which can cause them to gain weight a little easier.  People in this category tend to find it very hard to lose weight.

The Good News:  CoolSculpting Can Help You Achieve Your Ideal Body Shape

If you are reading this there is a chance that you are struggling with some sort of stubborn weight gain.  Weight gain doesn’t mean you necessarily put on 50 pounds.  It may mean that you have that little bit of stomach roll that decided to make you its new home.  Or you haven’t seen that thigh gap you have been working so hard for at the gym.  What about the double chin you can’t seem to crop out in your selfies?

If you are unhappy with the shape of your body or fat pockets that just won’t go away CoolSculpting is an ideal and permanent solution.  This safe and effective FDA approved procedure can freeze away body fat in common problematic areas for good!  For more information on CoolSculpting and how you can eliminate fat from your physique, contact us at Touch MedSpa.

Jessica Bell

My passion began in my early 20’s with helping people get out of pain and into a better quality of life through massage therapy.  I have been in the spa and esthetics industry for over 17 years.  I started Touch MedSpa in 2006 and have enjoyed the journey of watching people obtain better health, more confidence and a happier life with less stress.  One thing I have learned is that people don’t always know what they want or need, they just know that they want to look or feel better.  As a professional I hold a high regard for making sure we can educate people and guide people in the right direction to make sure their journey is a successful one.