DIY Skincare – Where to draw the line!

by Bethany Hewitt

I’ve ALWAYS been one who thoroughly enjoys a good DIY project. When a friend introduced me to Pinterest, I became addicted to pinning everything and anything. I will admit, the majority of my DIY Pinterest projects did NOT turn out as expected, and I had to come to terms with the fact that I just wasn’t going to be the next Martha Stewart. Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of projects that came out PERFECTLY, but overall there were more projects that turned out to be questionable at best. (I can make super cool coasters and an awesome holiday body scrub but that’s about it).

I’m always in search of new crafts for the holidays, but this year I’ve found some pretty alarming suggestions online that completely shocked me. Since I’ve been working here at Touch MedSpa I’ve learned SO much about beneficial vs harmful skin care treatments. Keeping my skin healthy is one of my top priorities, and when I saw some of the DIY skin treatments online, I was terrified for the people (just like myself) who might not know how harmful these “at home treatments” can really be.

I decided to do a little research of my own to see which at home treatments are simply NOT SAFE and which treatments are beneficial to do at home! I spoke with our Medical Director, Senior Laser Technician and various Medical Estheticians to get their take on these DIY skin treatments and this is what I’ve discovered:

Dermaplane- To effectively Dermaplane you need to hold the tool at a certain angle that’s very difficult to do to your own face. At home, dermaplaning can cause cuts or abrasions to the surface of the skin creating a cut that could later become infected and leave a scar. I would NOT recommend a dermaplaning treatment be done by anyone other than a licensed esthetician!

Chemical peels- What could go wrong here right? Oh, just BURNING YOUR SKIN OFF and causing permanent damage. Just don’t do it. You might not know what is actually in the chemicals that you’re putting on your skin. Please. Just see a skincare professional on this one.

Microdermabrasion- At home microderm treatments are significantly less effective and if done improperly, could break capillaries around the nose and cheek areas which tend to be more sensitive. This would leave you with unsightly redness and blemishes and if you ask me, that’s just not worth the risk. Let’s leave the medical treatments to the professionals.

Injectables- Do I even need to elaborate here? I just learned that you can purchase Botox like injectables on amazon and I had to say a little prayer because COME ON PEOPLE. DO NOT DO THIS GUYS! See a professional before you or someone else winds up on Botched with cement in their face.

So, then what is safe for you skin at home?? The BEST possible thing you can be doing at home for your skin is sticking to a strict skincare regimen morning and night. Doing your research to be sure the products that you’re using on your skin are actually GOOD for you and are proven to do what they are supposed to (like Skinceuticals and Obagi). Using makeup that isn’t going to clog your pores or counteract any treatment or products you’re using (like Jane Iredale). What we put on our skin at home is SO important in transforming unhealthy or maintaining healthy skin. Up until I started working here with such wonderful skin care professionals, I wouldn’t necessarily have tried any of these treatments, but I also wouldn’t have known how they really could damage my skin. I’m going to stick to my fun crafty projects this season and keep all these crazy skincare traps out there FAR AWAY from my face! I highly recommend y’all do the same!

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