How to get glowing skin safely

Touch provider and patient examining VISIA skin analysis results


Have you ever wondered how some people have such great skin? It seems they don’t even need to worry about tanning because they have a perfect, even skin tone that seems to radiate. By following a few steps daily you too can have a flawless looking face and great skin.

One of the most important things in having a good skin tone, and glowing skin, is your facial cleanser.  Daily facial cleansing, with a good product, will help keep the pores free of oil and dirt. Skinceuticals, our advanced skincare product line, has many different cleansers you can choose from. You will want to pick a certain cleanser depending on if you have dry, oily or normal skin. Some cleansers can make these issues worse if you do not choose the best one for your skin. A morning cleanse is important especially if you wear makeup. When you add makeup to a dirty face it enables your skin to trap dirt under the pores all day, which can cause irritations and acne. A good morning routine will help give you a glow from the start of the day. Washing your face at night with warm water will help rejuvenate your skin.  A good nightly ritual is crucial for great skin, because the skin repairs itself during the night.

Sunscreen with at least SPF 15 should be applied every morning. Our Physical Fusion UV defense has SPF 50 and is perfect for protecting against UVA/UVB. You may also want to apply a Vitamin C serum, which aids in firmness and strength of the skin cells.

A healthy way to make your skin look more even-toned is to apply our Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup in the morning. Even if you don’t like to wear makeup that often just adding a simple face powder will give your face a shimmering glow. Our staff can help you find the best makeup for your skin tone.

Also, exfoliating the skin a few times a week will help remove dead skin cells and remove dirt under the skin. Finally, use a good moisturizer like our Skinceuticals daily moisturizer in the mornings. Moisturized skin tends to give your face a natural glow while keeping your skin healthy.

Another option if you like to look tan, is self-tanners. Although spray tans and self-tans do contain some chemicals that aren’t good for the skin, it is a safer way to get the golden glow. There are also facial bronzers that will make your skin look naturally tan.

Protecting your skin from sunburn and damaging UV rays doesn’t mean you can’t go out in the sun. When you do go out in the sun remember to wear a wide brimmed hat, and sunglasses. It is also a good idea to have a few sheer pieces of clothing that you can wear outside to cover your shoulders and back especially. Many people forget to reapply sunscreen often when out in the sun. To avoid damage, sunscreen should be reapplied about every 40 minutes to an hour.