Get the Skinny on why NOW is the Time for CoolSculpting

by Jessica Bell

Let’s face it!  We are all craving those warmer temperatures and in the back of our minds a little concerned about how that swimsuit may look on the beach in the next 5-6 months!  It’s well known that summer bodies are made in the winter.  We can’t get fit, loose inches or pounds over night and guess what?  CoolSculpting is no different!  Result can take up to 3 -4 months in the area treated.  How is that possible?  As the frozen fat cells start breaking down, it actually takes this process about 3 months from start to finish!  So, if you have a very specific timeline for your goals, this is a great fact to keep in mind!

We find that when patients decide to embark on the journey of Coolsculpting it’s a kick start to a better lifestyle!  They are making an investment in themselves.  So, they tend to take the act of dieting and exercise more seriously.  If you are feeling a lack of motivation in staying active or eating healthier this is a great kick start!  Before you know it, you will be feeling more confident and well on track to staying that way!

Have you spent a good portion of your life taking care of others and making sure everyone else is ok?  Do you give yourself the guilt trip every time you try and do for you?  I am slowly learning I am worth it, and you are too!  More importantly, taking care of yourself allows you to take care of everyone else a whole lot better.  So, take the step.  This time, do you!

CoolSculpting is a journey.  The time it takes our patients to decide is a journey.  There is no pressure, no hassle but, if you are curious try a consultation!  It’s FREE!  The process may be a whole lot easier than you think!  With no pain, no downtime and no surgical procedures, you can fit it into your everyday life with ease.

Are you a GOAL digger?  I am and what I love about reaching my goals is the confidence boost I get just for finally doing it!  That doesn’t even include the benefits of my actual goal.  It feels good to conquer and crush goals.  So, this year don’t let your body image conquer you!  It’s time to conquer it!

You may ask “does CoolSculpting really work?”  The answer is Yes! it does, and if you plan your treatments right, you can reach your desired goal right on schedule.

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