How A Skincare Routine in North Myrtle Beach Can Reduce Stress

There’s nothing worse than being overworked and under-rested only to break out, have a skin flare-up, or just not feel your best. Touch MedSpa can help. How? With quality skincare products and plans to help you develop a skincare routine in North Myrtle Beach.

The Importance of Skin Care, and a Skincare Routine

As the leading skincare provider in North Myrtle Beach, we might be a bit biased when we say that skin care is important. After all, it does so much more than just keep your skin looking good. But how important is it?

We understand that everyone leads hectic lives. Between the kids and the spouse, friends and family time, and the sometimes dreaded chores and errands that come with simply being a human being, it can seem crazy—if not impossible—to think about skin care.

But that’s all the more reason to do it. Say whaaat?! 

Taking even a few minutes out of your day to concentrate on yourself can bring you some much-needed #metime.

Plus, there are many undisputed benefits of taking care of your skin. You shed skin cells every day, so staying on top of this natural exfoliation process will not only help keep your skin LOOKING good, but also feeling good and functioning well, too. Our natural exfoliation process slows down as we age, creating dull and dead skin. Proper medical-grade products and treatments will help to promote regular cell turnover and shed dull, dead skin, keeping it looking fresh, vibrant, and ALIVE!

Convinced you yet? Great! But what does that look like?

The Best in a Basic Skincare Routine

There are four basic steps you need to know about in order to start building a skincare routine in North Myrtle Beach: cleanse, nourish, moisturize, and protect.

Cleansing the skin 

Cleansing the skin is what most of us do, whether we realize it or not. In the shower or over the sink at night, we use a combination of soap and water on the skin to get rid of excess oil, dirt, and bacteria that would otherwise clog our pores and make us look tired. 

This step is extremely important to establishing a skincare regimen, but not for the reason you think. Actually, skincare specialists emphasize cleansing so much because it’s easy to get wrong. Both soap and water are essential, yes; but what kind of cleanser you use can make all the difference.


We nourish your skin using serums to target a specific area or concern you would like to improve. Some examples include eye creams, anti-aging serums, retinols, just to name a few.

Moisturizing your skin

Moisturizing will not just keep it from feeling or looking dry. It also helps increase the longevity of your skin by ensuring it has the proper hydration to protect you from outside dirt, chemicals, and other irritants.


Protecting your skin is paramount to healthy, glowing skin. And no, that doesn’t mean reaching for the tanning oil. In fact, unless directed by a doctor, you should be implementing sunscreen into your daily routine. Be sure you don’t leave the house without applying SPF first!

Skin Care for Combatting Stress

Another reason skin care is important: it helps you feel better emotionally. It can provide a therapeutic ritual to help take your mind off work, life, or general tensions.

man doing a skin care routine in mirror


We’re not joking—there is scientific proof that skin care can help reduce your stress levels. Skin care helps people look and feel their best, which not only boosts the production of dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin (vital hormones for mental and physical wellness) but it also creates positive, self-care rituals in our day. In the wise words of Reese Witherspoon, “endorphins make you happy. And happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.” 

A quality skincare routine can be the perfect bookend to a tough day and a perfect start to the following morning. 

It’s only natural that the best skin care in North Myrtle Beach would make those benefits all the better. From in-office to facials to our skin line and product partnerships, Touch MedSpa offers the absolute best in self-love skin care.

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The Best Skin Care in North Myrtle Beach

What do we mean when we say “Best Skin Care in North Myrtle Beach” exactly?

We mean a combination of things. Firstly, the protocol facials we offer here at Touch MedSpa, and then also the natural skin care in North Myrtle Beach.

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