Laser Season: IT’S HERE!!

It’s hard to believe that we are entering into the fall season with how warm it still is here in the south… but I am LIVING for it! Give me all the flannels, leggings, boots, pumpkin spiced lattes, college football games, and holiday celebrations that I can handle! Fall is our absolute favorite season here at the spa. Why?? Well laser season, of course!! Laser treatments require clients to refrain from being out in the sun. So, what better time of year to start shielding your skin from the sun than the fall and winter! Looking to erase sun damage, target unwanted pigment, or ditch your razor? Let’s look a little closer into how laser treatments can boost your appearance this fall.

Remove Tattoos

Do you have any tattoos that just need to go? Or tattoos that you are constantly trying to hide and cover up? Tattoo removal is something that you will need to dedicate months to… it is not a one-and-done treatment. You will need to avoid the sun several weeks prior to and after treatments. Tanned skin can alter your results! If you start this process in the fall/winter, your tattoo will likely be gone come summer! Don’t drag this process out… just rip it like a Band-Aid!


Smooth Fine Lines/Wrinkles

Did you know that as we age, our body’s natural collagen production starts to slow down? Such a bummer… I know! This is where loose, sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles come from! But, with the help of some laser treatments, we can combat this to lift and tighten the laxity in the skin. A target-specific treatment that does just that is the plasma pen!  Other great treatments for fine lines and wrinkles are the CO2, HALO by Sciton, and the new erbium TRL scanner by Sciton! This is coming soon.


Reduce Unwanted Hair

I can’t be the only one around here who is so sick and tired of shaving! The answer to your prayers is laser hair removal. It is pain free, almost any area can be treated, and we can treat any time of the year. However, we cannot treat someone who has fresh sun exposure or a sunburn. That is why having these treatments done in the fall/winter is a huge plus! Your skin will be silky smooth by the time summer rolls around again!              


Correct Pigmentation

By the end of the summer season, you might be noticing new sun damage, darkened pigment, and the return of that pesky melasma! Not sure where to start or what treatments will benefit you? We would love to have you in for a complimentary consultation! For anyone being introduced to the world of laser treatments, these are required. Our girls want to match your needs with the treatment that will give you the best results! Forever Young BBL, Fractional laser, CO2/CoolPeel, RF Microneedling, and the HALO are all treatments that can correct pigmentation.   


Reduce Scars

Do you happen to have a history of scarring? Examples of this could be from acne or even surgical scars. Certain laser treatments can help break up existing scar tissue, triggering new collagen production in the skin. Your body will produce newer, smoother scar tissue, making your previous scars less noticeable. The following treatments can be effective to help treat scarring: Virtue RF microneedling, C02 laser, plasma pen, and fractional laser.


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