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Upgrading Your Routine With Medical Grade Skin Care Near Sunset Beach

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Is medical grade skin care near Sunset Beach worth the investment?

Almost half of Americans admit that the state of their skin is their biggest insecurity. Whether you’re struggling with acne, scarring, or wrinkles, there’s no universal routine that will magically fix your concerns. If you’re like us, you’ve likely fallen victim to spending hours scouring drugstore aisles for a product that blew up on Tik Tok and praying that it will work for you, too. Instead, take the guesswork out of the equation and opt for personalized assistance!

Your skin is just unique as you are, and we recognize that you know it best. Touch MedSpa’s skin experts have broken down why you should make the switch to medical-grade products (with professional guidance)—your return on investment speaks for itself. 

Why your current routine may be ineffective

Unlike drugstore skin care, medical-grade skincare products aren’t “one size fits all.” The products you find at the convenient store simply aren’t allowed to be used as potent ingredients, making their active proteins and acids far less powerful. Plus, most drugstore items haven’t undergone extensive clinical trials, as they weren’t created exclusively by and for dermatologists. You can rest assured that every ingredient in a professional product is there for a reason, unlike additional chemicals, fragrances, and dyes that can further deteriorate your skin’s health. 

How our specialists curate your unique plan

When you work with a skin specialist near Sunset Beach, we’ll evaluate your complexion and hear out your concerns so we can recommend products accordingly. After you incorporate your new routine with our medical-grade skin care near Sunset Beach, you also gain access to guidance throughout your plan—so we can adjust products as needed.

We’re strong believers in avoiding skin damage, rather than reversing it, so we offer a wide range of products and treatments for preventative skin care near Sunset Beach (beyond just sunscreen—although that’s crucial, too). Your skin type (oily, dry, or combination) and lifestyle play crucial roles in your skin’s health, both short and long-term, so your routine should not only reflect them but pair with them seamlessly.

Come to Touch MedSpa to unlock your skin’s potential with medical grade skin care near Sunset Beach

Our providers are devoted to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals on your terms. Over the years, we’ve learned that curating unique plans for every patient is the best way to seeing better results, sooner, so we always start with a free consultation

Whether you’re prepping for a photo-filled event or just ready to lock in your skin’s youth while you still can, we’re here to help! Our office in North Myrtle Beach has everything from medical facials to Botox and body contouring and beyond. Contact us to learn more about kickstarting your journey or use our virtual consultation tool for personalized recommendations at your convenience. 

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