Q & A with CoolTone

So, you have probably heard of CoolSculpting, but have you heard about CoolTone??

What is it?

CoolTone is the latest innovation in body contouring! We are stimulating muscle contractions involuntarily through magnetic technology. It is an extremely neat process! We recruit both fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers to help get you stronger, better, fast with whatever your goals are!

How Does it Work?

The CoolTone applicator generates a magnetic field that creates a current when it passes through a conductive material. Muscles are good conductors of magnetic fields, unlike skin and fat, which are poor conductors. The induced current is stronger in the muscle layer and the body responds to these contractions by strengthening its muscle fibers and improving muscle conditioning. The result is a stronger, firmer, and more toned abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.

What Areas can you Treat?


Why Should I have this Done?

If you are an avid gym goer and are living a healthy lifestyle, this will not only help you look aesthetically better, but will also help your gym performance as well! It is equivalent to doing thousands of crunches in one treatment (which cannot be replicated in the gym!).

Does it Hurt?

You will feel challenged during this treatment, but it is not painful! Honestly, you will feel a little fatigued. This system will take you through a workout: a warmup, a strengthening phase, and then a cooldown. There will be all the benefits of a workout without the time, sweat, or increased heart rate!

Do I Need a Consultation?

Yes! These are completely complimentary. If you have any questions or would like to see if you are a good candidate, please call or text us at 843-249-5433, or simply complete the form below. Our specialist would love to help!

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