Quick regimen for a fast paced lifestyle..

man applying moisturizer looking in the mirror

by Jamie Steros 

My most common hurdle when making recommendations to my clients is time. We are an instant gratification world where everyone is trying to be 6 places at once.  When we finally make it home and get to the sink we usually don’t get much further than brushing our teeth.  A skin care routine at the end of the day can seem overwhelming and the last thing we feel like doing.  Unless of course you understand the benefits and/or have experienced them.  Then you wonder why you haven’t made time for this all along!  After all this is only 5 minutes max out of our day!  Trust me, I get it. I’m a mom of 2, my husband travels for work, I have a dog, a job and we regularly take our RV on the weekends for a getaway. One thing I am super passionate about is skin.  It’s the largest organ of the body and deserves our attention.  We wear it all day, every day.  So here are some tips to a simple and effective skin care regimen for the busy body.  A healthy skin care regime is a life style and takes commitment, similar to working out. I always tell my clients to not think so big however to think simple and effective. It truly comes down to 3 core things. Start your day off right with a custom cleanser. Friends by this I mean no dial, no dove, no body wash. Really nothing over the counter.  My personal favorite cleanser is the Replenishing Cleanser by SkinCeuticals, it is a cream to foam cleanser that removes all traces of makeup and leaves skin feeling fresh and clean. Next, apply an SPF with both UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Protection having at least 30 SPF factor.  For example, my favorite is Physical Fussion SPF 50 it has a universal tint to making it melt right into the skin leaving no white residue behind. During your night routine again, I would cleanse then follow with an overnight corrector that is a multipurpose product  such as Metacell 3B this emulsion will correct early signs of aging, reduce wrinkles, discolorations and redness. This treatment will make skin brighter and healthier also moisturize and condition. The issue with most people is they are busy with life, family, work, sports, and hobbies that it leaves little time for a lengthy regime that requires more time that what you have. I like to think of it as a good investment towards the future. The skin you take care of now is what you will inherit in the future. If you can lock down this simple routine you can always add to it and increase your benefits. Additional products would include eye creams, serums, exfoliants, and masks. When starting any new regime always give your skin 30 days to complete a full skin cycle before making any changes. On average our skin renews itself every 20 to 30 days depending on our age. Let your product have enough time to make a difference.


When traveling especially on a plane it can be very stressful on your skin. Have you ever wondered why your skin looks terrible when you get off a plane?  This is due to a pressurized environment that is unnatural and sucks all the moisture out of your skin leaving it dull and dehydrated. We also tend to get a bit stressed when we travel which adds anxiety into the mix. Anxiety can cause stress hormones that trigger redness, inflammation and break outs. Not the best way to start vacation. My recommendation is always prepare for what is ahead. First would be to apply a Moisture Mask the night before to pack in the hydration. This can be a gel based mask (good for any skin type) My top pick is the Hydrating B5 Gel Mask by Skin Ceuticals. You can add into your night cream or use alone. This mask contains Hylaronic Acid that acts as a sponge to draw in moisture. The next morning remove any residue and apply SPF this will need to be at least 30+ UVA/UVB best example would be Physical Fussion from Skin Ceuticals. I prefer a tinted SPF as it can be used as a light veil of coverage in leu of a heavy makeup. I would also recommend drinking water instead of coffee or alcohol, these will only add to the dehydration factor. I also think it is helpful to use a hydration spray that can infuse the skin with antioxidants and moisture before, during and after. A great example would be Jane Iredale’s hydration sprays. These sprays are customized for all skin types loaded with moisture and antioxidants, It can be used over makeup. When you arrive at your destination you will need to exfoliate or cleanse using a glycolic based cleanser such as Purifying Cleanser form SkinCeuticals to lift away any pollutants or dry flaky cells then follow with a product like Triple Lipid Repair which refills dry porous areas while minimizing pores. These are helpful ideas that will make a difference, just remember that it is always about balance. Just a little planning can make a difference in how you look and feel.

Jamie Steros, Medical Esthetician

My name is Jamie Steros and I have been in the skin care industry for 24 years. I started my career in general esthetics and as the industry evolved then crossed over to medical esthetics with an emphasis in laser treatments.  I have been working at Touch MedSpa for 7 years.  My passion is helping clients reach their skin care goals through education and consistent results-based treatment. Over the years I have learned it’s not just one treatment or one product that changes the skin. Its mind set and commitment, finding the balance of a customized home regime and a combination of results-based treatments. This includes facials, peels, lasers and for some injectables. The reward for me is the look of happiness and excitement that a client has when they have seen changes that they have struggled with for years.