Sculptra Is Key To Collagen Growth

Do you ever look in the mirror and think to yourself sometimes, dang I wish I looked at least 10 years younger! I’m sure if we had an auditorium full of people passed the age of 40, we would all see their hand FLY UP.  Sculptra is an FDA- approved injectable that is fairly new and is obsessed by many many patients!  Gradually Sculptra helps replace collagen that is lost throughout the years of aging. Unlike an ordinary injection of filler or Botox; Sculptra addresses the underlying cause of facial aging and not just the symptoms!  

Did you know that you lose about 1% of collagen per year after the age of 18! Yes, that is correct! So if you are 30 years old, you have already lost about 12% of collagen. Once you hit 45 you are already facing up to 25% collagen loss!  This technique uses poly-L-lactic acid to help rebuild collagen for a more youthful-looking appearance that can last up to two years! Collagen is a fibrous protein in the deep dermis that gives skin structure and supports the functions of elastin and hyaluronic acid, which helps maintain the skin’s shape, while keeping it smooth and hydrated!  A healthy supply of collagen makes for a more youthful-looking complexion.

How to begin with Sculptra?
On average, three treatment sessions are needed over a few months.  Our trained specialist tailor the sessions to you and your skin needs.  

What can I expect after treatment?

Cold Pack
A cold pack or ice pack will help reduce any common swelling. Within the first 24 hours of treatment, apply a cloth-wrapped cold pack to the treated area for a few minutes at a time. Never apply ice directly to the skin.

Facial Massage
Massage the treated area for five minutes five times a day for five days after treatment, as recommended by your physician.

Avoid Sunlight
After treatment, excessive sunlight and UV lamp exposure should be avoided until any initial swelling and redness go away. Your doctor will provide guidelines on sunscreen protection and how to avoid excessive sunlight.

The important thing to note is that immediately after you receive your treatment, you will not see any dramatic improvement.  With Sculptra, it is important to understand that patience is key and correct dosage will determine a beautiful, natural result! 

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