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We have successfully made it past the year 2020! The year filled with ups and downs (honestly, mainly downs…) is finally behind us. Let’s just all take a moment and pat ourselves on the back, that in itself is a major accomplishment! With that being said, we think it’s time for a total transformation in 2021. Whether that be in your job, your health, relationships, goals, body, etc. Let us ask just a few simple questions. Do you believe you are living up to your full potential? Have you been chasing your desires or going after all of the things you want in this life? Have you learned new skills and evolved? Or have you remained stagnant? If you are tired of seeing the same results, you need to take control and change the situation for the better.

You are the only author of your story called life! There is something we’ve learned over the years and it is that time waits for no one! Luckily, self-transformations are possible! They just require commitment, effort, and a little bit of courage. 🙂

If you are looking to transform your body… look no further than CoolSculpting and CoolTone! Feel confident again with these treatments after all of the holiday cheer! While one eliminates stubborn pockets of fat, the other can help build and tone muscle in your abdomen, glutes, and thighs!


CoolSculpting is the world’s number one non-invasive fat reduction procedure. It is an innovative way to contour your body by freezing away unwanted fat with no surgery or downtime! Let’s just read that again and let it sink in… No surgery or downtime!! If you have stubborn pockets of fat that you can’t seem to get rid of, give CoolSculpting a chance! The first step in this journey is to come in for a complimentary consultation and meet with our CoolSculpting specialist to talk about your goals. HELLO, FREE! Together, the two of you will come up with a personalized treatment plan. This is mapped out to determine how many areas need to be treated, as well as how many cycles are needed for the desired result! This is all figured out at the first consultation.

Fat cells are targeted in the abdomen, under the chin, under the jawline, thighs, flanks (love handles), bra fat, back fat, underneath the buttocks (banana roll), and upper arms. ?Just like wellness, CoolSculpting is a journey! We find that when patients decide to embark on the journey of CoolSculpting, it is a kick-start to a better lifestyle! They are making an investment in themselves (which is the best investment one can make!).


CoolTone is the newest body contouring treatment in the aesthetic industry! This machine was made by the Allergan team, the same creators of CoolSculpting. Instead of targeting fat cells, this is intended to build and sculpt your muscle mass! Muscles are a better conductor of magnetic fields rather than fat and skin. With the use of electromagnetic energy, CoolTone targets muscle groups with magnetic muscle stimulation to create firm, toned, and defined muscles. This occurs more rapidly and at a rate that could not be achieved naturally in a gym! This FDA-cleared treatment is designed to strengthen, tone, and firm your abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Who wouldn’t want that?! It is scientifically proven to be safe and effective. It is non-invasive with minimal to no downtime!


Now more than ever we are very aware of the reflection staring back at us! Luckily, information about the health of our skin, products, and solutions to combat the aging process is readily available at our fingertips every day (especially at Touch MedSpa!!)! This empowers us to feel confident in making decisions to increase our self-confidence and take care of our skin. After all, we should face life face-first, right??

We’ll let everyone in on a little secret… It is never too late to start taking care of your skin! NEVER! Starting somewhere is better than going nowhere! Ladies (and men!), we are currently in a time where subtle changes and enhancements starting in your 20’s can leave you rocking a fresh youthful appearance in your 50’s! Who wouldn’t want that?! After the preventative stage, you can turn back the clock a little at a time with the help of chemical peels, radio frequency lasers, non-ablative fractional treatments, and advanced treatments! This society doesn’t slow down, so you don’t need to either!

Dermal Fillers

The era of Botox and fillers is alive, and the best kept secret of every middle-aged woman in America! Who isn’t looking for results that have us looking youthful and our best?!

Botox and Dysport are neurotoxins. Their main goal is to smooth fine lines and wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing the muscles that are responsible for creating expression lines. These are known as dynamic wrinkles. This treatment is minimally invasive and can be done right in the office so there is no downtime! These results are extremely natural looking, but it may take up to two full weeks before the effects set in. Dare I say ain’t nobody got time for wrinkles!

Fillers can be used to lift cheeks, chisel the chin, eliminate under eye bags, dark circles, erase smile lines, enhance the lips, and soften nasolabial folds. They best correct wrinkles seen at rest! With age, we all lose collagen, fat, elastin, and hyaluronic acid in our skin which leads to volume loss. We can combat this and replace the volume with filler!

There are so many incredible opportunities this new year has to offer. We look forward to seeing what the future holds! Let’s take on this transformation together! Remember, “Don’t fear failure. Fear being in the exact same place next year as you are today.” -Michael Hyatt.

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