What is the Best Time of Year to Start Tattoo Removal?

In the skincare industry, winter tends to be the best time of year to get most beauty and skin treatments. This includes tattoo removal! It’s always better to start tattoo removal treatments sooner rather than later, so why wait?! Let’s look at a few reasons why winter works best.

There is Less Sun Exposure

A customized treatment regimen by an experienced medical laser technician will be created for your skin type, color, and sensitivity level. But it is important to stay out of the sun for several weeks prior to treatments. Tanned skin can alter your results! For example, having a tan or sunburn will make your skin more sensitive than usual, which may cause more irritation during your session! Peeling or blistering during the healing process are also more likely to occur on tanned or burned skin and can ultimately lead to scarring.

You also risk the chance of hyperpigmentation. This is the permanent removal of skin pigment. So, it is important to avoid the sun for several weeks after each session to give the skin time to heal. This is understandably much easier during the colder months because you aren’t spending as much time outdoors, and your skin is covered.

You Can Enjoy a Less Noticeable Progress

Some people may not know, but a tattoo removal is not a one-and-done procedure! Treatments are usually 4-8 weeks apart, and the number of sessions varies from person to person. This depends on the quality and colors of ink used in the unwanted tattoo. Throughout this process, the tattoo will fade gradually, so it might not look the best! Many people decide to undergo tattoo removal in the winter to be able to cover it up! Winter allows us to throw on a sweatshirt, scarf, or pants to avoid questions from friends and family about what’s happening with your tattoo.

We Usually Won’t Find You Swimming

Warmer months mean going to the beach, swimming in the pool, or even fishing in the lake. This should be avoided after having tattoo removal. Even a covered tattoo that has been treated can be susceptible to bacteria that can lead to infection if the tattoo hasn’t finished healing. Tattoo removal can get in the way of summer plans and vacations!

You’re More Likely to Be Tattoo Free by Summer

We all tend to hibernate during the winter but getting out occasionally for tattoo removal sessions could give you “bikini-ready” skin by Memorial Day weekend! Even if your tattoo is big or small, you’ll need to dedicate months to its removal. So, why not start now?! Let’s make sure this process won’t get in the way of your vacation plans and start preparing for tattoo removal treatments in the winter! Don’t you hate trying to look good in a dress or tank top, but your unwanted tattoo is throwing off your confidence?! Let’s embrace the winter and get your tattoo removal started today!