Winter Skin Issues

by Delilah Gregory

It’s no secret that most people are prone to skin dryness and irritation during the winter months. This is due to lower temperatures, drier climates, weather conditions and recycled indoor air .  We have so many different culprits to cause dryness , dullness ,and dehydrated skin.

All skin types can benefit from a moisturizer in the winter months. My oily skin clients enjoy using B5 Hydrating Gel by SkinCeuticals. My clients with dry skin love using Triple Lipid 123, also from SkinCeuticals.

It is just as important to use SPF during the winter months as during the summer. We can still get harmful aging and burning rays from the sun.  Invest in your skin it will be with you for a lifetime!

If you would like to know more about how to manage your skin in the winter, contact us today.

-Delilah Gregory