Reclaim Your Love for Life With Hormone Replacement Therapy Near You

woman walking outside with more energy from hormone therapy

You’ve probably heard the term “hormonal acne” thrown around a lot by dermatologists and other doctors, but in reality your hormones are responsible for far more than just your skin. If you’ve noticed unexplained or sudden changes in your energy, mood, libido, or weight, it may be time to get your hormones tested.

Once you’ve met with a specialist to create a personalized treatment plan for your hormone replacement therapy in Myrtle Beach, you’ll begin to notice physical and emotional improvements with consistent treatment! But what is HRT and how can it address your needs? Here’s a breakdown of how hormone replacement therapy near you can enhance your life from the experts at Touch MedSpa.

Addressing a low sex drive with HRT

Especially when women experience monumental hormonal shifts, such as during pregnancy or menopause, many struggle with a lack of sexual desire. While natural libido fluctuations are to be expected over the years, a significant decline can affect your overall mood and relationships. 

Men can also experience this, in addition to erectile dysfunction. Hormone replacement therapy for men and women simultaneously boost your sex drive, in addition to aiding lubrication among women and ED issues among men!

Boosting your energy with HRT

If you’re suddenly struggling to get out of bed and get going every morning, your energy levels, motivation, and even mood can be enhanced through hormone replacement therapy near you. Your hormones are responsible for regulating your ATP production, which produces cellular energy.

By upping your energy on a cellular level, you can improve your focus and physical endurance! While HRT provides more motivation for you to exercise, it also keeps your metabolism, hunger, and fat distribution in check. Many men struggle with gynaecomastia, also known as “man boobs,” which aren’t always a sign of poor lifestyle choices. HRT can also decrease excess breast tissue in men by balancing overproductive estrogen with testosterone.

Visit Touch MedSpa’s trusted experts for the premier hormone replacement therapy near you

Don’t allow a hormonal imbalance to drag you down. When you come to Touch MedSpa’s experienced medical team for guidance, you’ll gain the access to unmatched knowledge and support you need.

Ready to get started? Don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss any questions you may have about our hormone replacement therapy near you or our other services. We strongly recommend that you schedule an in-person consultation to get started, so we can work with you to create your personalized treatment plan. For instant treatment recommendations, you can also try our virtual consultation tool. We can’t wait to help you live your best life!