Skin Experts in North Myrtle Beach


Meet the Touch MedSpa Team

Our team’s years of experience and continuous training come together to provide the best services for our patients. As skin experts in North Myrtle Beach, we are committed to results as a whole. We take your time, goals, and self-confidence incredibly seriously. Get to know our team of skin experts by reading through their bios.

Skin Experts in North Myrtle Beach

Everything We Do, We Do With H.E.A.R.T.

To us, H.E.A.R.T signifies humility, excellence, (a positive) attitude, respect, and trust. With this in our minds and hearts, we work to build long-lasting relationships and mutual trust with our patients. No meaningful, lasting relationship starts out at 100. From getting to know you during the consultation, to developing your treatment plan based on the concerns you share, and continuing ongoing treatment, we will work together to build a foundation for lasting success!   

As estheticians, we know that we owe you more than just skin-transforming treatments. We also owe you a safe and trusted environment, comfort and understanding, and a few well-placed jokes here and there. From the bottom of our hearts, we promise we will always give you that.

Why Choose Touch MedSpa?

Ongoing training & education


Our team of aestheticians are constantly educating themselves and growing their skills to give patients the results they can’t get anywhere else. This looks like consistent internal and external training courses on injectables, lasers, body contouring devices, and cosmeceuticals. 

Not only do we know how to use top-performing cosmeceuticals, we know exactly how the active ingredients in these products work. This gives us the ability to make professional, informed decisions on treatment. Additionally, we are national trainers with Galderma, CoolSculpting, and Jane Iredale.

In-depth consultation process


At our full-service medspa, you’ll never be rushed in and out of the door. Our providers will go at your pace through the whole process. The consultation will be focused entirely on your goals and presenting the options we have that will help you reach them. Not only will we get to openly discuss your skin concerns and desired results, we’ll use the state-of-the-art VISIA Skin Analysis scanning technology to take a close look at your skin. Seeing the skin concerns light up on the screen often validates a patient’s concerns more than words ever could.

Customized treatment plans


Not all treatment plans are created equal. Some may be geared towards restoring a patient’s hydration, while another plan may have the goal of reducing a patient’s hyperpigmentation. Whatever your skin is screaming (or whispering)  for, we have the collective knowledge and expertise to cultivate a personal plan to give it what it needs. Your plan looks different from your friend’s or your mother’s—it belongs to you and you only! Isn’t that exciting?    

Ongoing treatment & regular check-ins


As your skin experts in North Myrtle Beach, we’ll continue to check in with you and alter your treatment plan as needed. As much as we all might wish it was, skin care isn’t a one-and-done treatment. The process continues forever. Throughout your treatment plan, we’ll meet to perform regular facials, lasers, or other treatments as a part of your plan. It’s also important for us to monitor your skin’s process from your at-home treatments. 

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