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April 2024 Special – Coolsculpting Special


April 1-30, 2024


All Day

April 2024 Special

Beat the Heat & Sculpt Your Core


$2,000 Off a Full Midsection Coolsculpting Treatment at Touch Medspa!


April is officially “Cool Month” for a reason – it’s the perfect time to freeze away stubborn fat and achieve your body sculpting goals! With a nationwide surge in Coolsculpting awareness, Touch Medspa is offering an exclusive deal to help you beat the heat and sculpt your core.
For a limited time in April, receive a massive $2,000 discount on a full midsection Coolsculpting treatment, including your back! This incredible offer allows you to target multiple areas simultaneously, achieving a more comprehensive and sculpted midsection.

Why Choose Coolsculpting?

Safe & Effective: FDA-cleared technology freezes fat cells without surgery or downtime.
Noticeable Results: See a significant reduction in fat bulges after a few weeks.
Targeted Treatment: Customize your treatment to address specific areas like your abdomen, flanks, and back.
Long-lasting Effects: Once fat cells are frozen, they are eliminated permanently.
This limited-time offer is the perfect opportunity to invest in your dream body.  Schedule a consultation with Touch Medspa today and discover how Coolsculpting can help you achieve a sculpted, confident midsection this summer!
Don’t miss out on this incredible savings! Contact Touch Medspa to learn more and book your appointment.