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Have an unwanted tattoo? It’s more common than you think! If you’re interested in getting a tattoo removed, Touch MedSpa in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina uses state-of-the-art technology to provide outstanding results. Specifically, we utilize the Quanta Discovery Pico laser, which has revolutionized tattoo removal for men and women in Myrtle Beach and around the world!

Quanta Discovery Overview

Treatment Type


What Quantra Discovery Treats

Unwanted Tattoos


Less treatments needed

Complementary Treatments




# of Treatments Needed

minimum of 8

How it Works

At Touch MedSpa, we use the Quanta Discovery Pico Laser for tattoo removal because it’s the fastest and safest tattoo removal method in the world.

It clears tattoo ink in half the number of treatments required by previous laser technology, because the laser breaks up the ink in the tattoo into tiny fragments, which are then naturally cleared by your body’s immune system. This gradually fades the image until it disappears or is unnoticeable, and while the laser targets the ink, it won’t change your body’s natural pigments.

Pico Laser Tattoo Removal Results

Our clients love that our Quanta Discovery Pico tattoo removal technology is 100 times faster than conventional Q Switch laser tattoo removal. You can expect extremely rapid clearance of tattoo ink AND shorter treatment times!

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Tattoo Removal
Tattoo Removal
Tattoo Removal
Tattoo Removal
Tattoo Removal
Tattoo Removal
Tattoo Removal
Tattoo Removal
Tattoo Removal

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