How Long Do Fillers Last?

how long do fillers last?

Are you considering dermal fillers but have some questions about your treatment? Well, the team here at Touch Medspa loves answering questions about our services!

So, are you wondering, “How long do fillers last? What are the results like? Does it hurt?”

Trust us, you aren’t the only one asking these questions. So here are some answers from the filler experts at Touch MedSpa!

How Long Do Fillers Last?

How long fillers last varies from brand to brand, with some lasting up to 12 months and others providing results for years. Your Touch MedSpa injector will review what you can expect from your fillers in your consultation, and again after treatment!

What Are Results Like?

Touch MedSpa’s ultimate goal is to provide our clients with subtle, natural-looking results rather than causing them to look “overdone.” While this look is gaining in popularity (and there’s nothing wrong with that!), we have found that our clients prefer to simply look well-rested and youthful, rather than completely altering their natural features.

Do Dermal Filler Treatments Hurt?

So, we hate giving a half answer, but the truth is: it depends. Everyone has a slightly different tolerance level to pain, so what may barely bother one patient could be more uncomfortable to another.

Having provided dermal filler treatments to patients for years now, our master injectors are experts at injecting dermal fillers comfortably and quickly. Most of our patients find the experience, if a little uncomfortable, entirely manageable!

Our Filler Philosophy

Rather than creams or supplements that have a difficult time penetrating the skin, Touch MedSpa in North Myrtle Beach can place dermal fillers below the skin’s surface to fill, soften, and smooth wrinkles from within and restore a natural, more youthful appearance!

No 2 fillers in North Myrtle Beach are quite the same. Some fill the expression lines around our nose, mouth, and eyes. Some work to provide extra volume and promote a tighter, smoother look. And others actually work to build new collagen in areas of laxity or deeper-set wrinkles!

During your initial consultation with Touch MedSpa for dermal fillers in North Myrtle Beach, we will provide you with a comprehensive, educational overview of which brand of filler will best meet your needs and why. This will help you make an informed decision on the treatments you’d like to focus on, all on your own timeline.

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