Laser Hair Removal Treatments

by Jamie Steros

Does laser hair removal really work? Yes!!!! There are many ways to temporarily remove hair, but for more permanent results, laser hair removal is the safest way to make unwanted body hair a thing of the past! How does it work? A concentrated beam of light is aimed at the hair. The light is absorbed by the pigment which damages the follicle enough to retard future growth. Lasers can remove hair from almost anywhere and it can take from months to almost a year depending on the area. An example would be hair on the face is treated at a 2 to 4-week time frame and the larger areas of the body can be 8 to 12 weeks in between. Most often you can purchase a package of 6 at a reduced price. However, I always explain that in some cases clients might need more treatments depending on the area, hormone changes and their hair growth. You would need a consultation (consultations are free!) to determine if you would be a candidate for this type of treatment. The best results are usually obtained on dark hair and fair skin; however, lasers have changed over the years and we are now able to treat clients that have lighter and finer hair.  

Another question that is asked is how painful is it? Today it is actually not painful at all as the technology has changed so much. It feels more like a pinch or a rubber band snapping the skin. I explain to clients that you will feel it more in areas where there are more follicles, and as time goes by you will feel less concentration of energy in those areas. It is important to make sure that you are freshly shaven and prepared for the treatment assuming that you have had your prior consult.

Something that can prevent you from treatment is UV exposure. Laser and sun do not mix so you will need to make a commitment while having these treatments that you will stay protected at all times. Being that the light that we use is attracted to pigment you would not want to increase the color of the skin as then you are creating a risk of burns or blisters.  

I have personally had Laser Hair Removal and absolutely love the results. I would recommend to anyone that has struggled over the years with ingrown hairs, razor bumps or excessive hair. It is easier now more than ever to make a difference.  

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Jamie Steros, Medical Esthetician

My name is Jamie Steros and I have been in the skin care industry for 24 years. I started my career in general esthetics and as the industry evolved then crossed over to medical esthetics with an emphasis in laser treatments.  I have been working at Touch MedSpa for 7 years.  My passion is helping clients reach their skin care goals through education and consistent results-based treatment. Over the years I have learned it’s not just one treatment or one product that changes the skin. Its mind set and commitment, finding the balance of a customized home regime and a combination of results-based treatments. This includes facials, peels, lasers and for some injectables. The reward for me is the look of happiness and excitement that a client has when they have seen changes that they have struggled with for years.