Learning ‘Bout Lasers: The Magic of BBL & Halo Laser Treatments in North Myrtle Beach

laser treatments in North Myrtle Beach

Our skin goes through a lot in a year! Exposure to the sun, climate, environmental elements, and natural aging all play a role in your skin’s appearance and overall health. And hey, the Touch MedSpa team gets it. We’ve all done things that aren’t necessarily awesome for our skin before 😅

But that just means it’s super important to always take care of your skin!

The holiday season is here. So, there’s no better opportunity to give yourself what your skin really wants this winter: the gift of BBL and/or Halo™ laser treatments in North Myrtle Beach!

The Importance of Winter Skin Care

Winter is a great time to look into BBL & Halo laser treatments in North Myrtle Beach. Not only do you want to look your best for the holidays, but all the time we spend indoors with friends and family is great for the minimal downtime you’ll need after a laser treatment! 

Our certified laser technicians use intense variant-wavelength lasers to correct the damaged surface layer of skin to reveal fresher, supple skin but also penetrate below the surface and repair damage at the deeper, dermal layer of the skin simultaneously.

These treatments are fantastic for your skin but require proper aftercare, avoiding the sun, and staying well-moisturized afterward to achieve maximum results. And when better to avoid the sun than winter? 

Then you can spend the rest of winter looking fabulous when you gather with loved ones for the holidays!

Halo Laser Treatments in North Myrtle Beach

Laser resurfacing is one of the most versatile medical aesthetic treatments available in North Myrtle Beach! At Touch MedSpa, our expert laser technicians offer a variety of customization options perfect for treating anything from enlarged pores to deep scarring and wrinkles.

Safe for all skin types and tones, fractional lasers create healthy skin in a safe, comfortable session to yield custom results—from subtle and smooth to dramatic and uplifting!

Laser resurfacing can treat:

  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Acne & Acne scarring
  • Sun damage
  • Skin tone
  • Skin texture
  • Enlarged pores
  • And more!

Where Halo™ treatments differ from traditional laser treatments is the use of dual wavelengths delivered simultaneously to the skin for resurfacing!  

Unlike traditional ablative laser treatments, Halo laser treatments in North Myrtle Beach utilize cutting-edge hybrid dual wavelength laser technology. It’s as impressive as it is fun to say.

How Halo Works

Halo Laser treatments in North Myrtle Beach use a 1064 wavelength that works deep within the skin to create change by encouraging new collagen production.

It is a great “next step” for those ready to try a deeper treatment but who would like to avoid the long downtime of more aggressive laser treatments.

During your initial consultation with Touch MedSpa for laser resurfacing in North Myrtle Beach, we will give you a comprehensive, educational overview of which type of laser treatment will best meet your needs. This will help you make an informed decision on the treatments you’d like to focus on, all on your own timeline.

Faster and more comfortable

Halo lasers have less downtime than other laser treatments with only a 4–7 day mild recovery period, all depending on the depth and density of the customized treatment for each individual.  The most common and expected side effects following the treatment are feeling intense heat for no more than 2-3 hours (like a rough sunburn), redness, and swelling that can last 1-4 days.  

Safe for all skin types

One of the most incredible features of the Halo laser is its safety for use on melanin-rich skin! Non-hybrid lasers, designed for people with lighter complexions, can be unsafe for people of color. They can cause hyperpigmentation or even remove pigmentation from treatment areas (hypopigmentation) because they’re tuned to target melanin.

However, properly combining ablative and non-ablative wavelengths allows for just the adequate amount of penetration with milder aggravation, thus significantly reducing the risk of hyper or hypopigmentation or damaging the skin in general.

Halo laser treatments are safe and effective for everyone, and this makes Halo treatments an excellent gift for anyone special to you this winter! 

For your comfort, Touch MedSpa laser technicians will apply a numbing cream before the treatment to minimize discomfort. But in our years of laser experience, we’ve never had a patient say the discomfort from Halo Laser treatments was unbearable.

A dramatically improved laser experience

Halo laser treatments in North Myrtle Beach can target superficial and deep layers, allowing highly specialized and customized treatments. 

This allows for faster treatment of target areas on your body and your face, with some treatment times for body regions taking as little as 15 minutes. 

All that while still promoting long-term collagen production for lastingly smooth skin! We weren’t kidding when we called treatments with the halo laser a gift to your skin 😍 

BBL in North Myrtle Beach

If you live in the North Myrtle Beach area, you’re likely already familiar with the term “anti-aging.” This term encompasses any kind of aesthetic treatment that fights or reduces the signs of aging. But did you know that with highly advanced laser and light technology, we can actually reverse your skin’s age?

laser treatments in North Myrtle Beach

We’re not kidding (and it’s not just Christmas magic); it’s scientifically documented that BBL™ treatment can repair aged skin by using light energy. That is one of the many reasons BBL  treatments are so popular for clients wanting their skin to look and feel younger!

The BBL photofacial uses pulses of light energy to heat the skin’s surface gently and calls upon the body’s natural healing process for improved elastin and collagen production. This will leave you luminous and prompt long-term dermal enhancement over time!

How It Works

BBL photofacials offer a quick way to a clearer, smoother, revitalized appearance with a significant reduction in irregular pigment and vascularity!

It uses a combination of blue, yellow, and red light filters to quickly treat a wide variety of concerns and improve your skin’s overall quality.

What Is IPL?

During your initial consultation with Touch MedSpa for skin rejuvenation in North Myrtle Beach, we will give you a comprehensive, educational overview of which types of laser technologies will best meet your needs. This will help you make an informed decision on the treatments you’d like to focus on, all on your own timeline.

Powerful Light Treatment

The treatment works by emitting gentle heat onto the surface of your skin through light pulses, which accelerates collagen production. Each pass over your face with the BBL light device  (there are three passes total) provides additional benefits that strengthen the overall effect of the treatment. 

The first two passes are low-intensity and serve as the base for the rest of the procedure to build on. The third pass is the “efficacy pass,” which transitions to a higher intensity light to target visible pigmentation spots, vessels, and skin blemishes while also improving the skin’s overall tone and texture, shrinking pores, and stimulating collagen rejuvenation and growth.

Once the treatment finishes, the thermal energy applied to the deeper level of your skin gets to work, stimulating your subdermal tissue. This is what tightens the skin. The lasting effects of this procedure will take 10–14 days to materialize but can last for years!

Though side effects and downtime are rare, some patients report mild swelling, redness, and tenderness. 

BBL Treatments Are Fast and Easy

It can be challenging to fit treatments in during winter, especially as the holidays start rolling around. However, BBL with Touch MedSpa is fast and easy, with virtually zero downtime 🤯

We’ll work with you to build a treatment plan with 3 total sessions, each spaced 2-4 weeks apart. The non-invasive nature of BBL treatments means this system is flexible.

After your treatment, all you need to do is make sure to moisturize, wear sunblock, and avoid intense sunlight for 2 weeks post-treatment. 

Besides that, you can set your own treatment pace with your provider. With winter being a great time to stay indoors, it should be easy to avoid unnecessary exposure to sunlight, too, so even that’s made a little simpler!

Combining BBL & Halo Laser Treatments in North Myrtle Beach

Something we often tell patients: BBL & Halo Laser Treatments in North Myrtle Beach are often most effective when performed together!

This combination is so effective because both treatments build on the other. So, all results are more significant, especially regarding skin texture, tone, and overall vibrancy and appearance! 

So, patients looking for powerful, long-lasting skin solutions should consider consulting their Touch MedSpa provider about combination BBL/Halo Laser Treatments in North Myrtle Beach!

The best part? These magnified results should all still have roughly the same downtime you might expect from a single BBL or Halo treatment 😳 Now that’s a holiday miracle!

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