Types of Massage Therapy


Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most common, and widely known type of massage. This massage is normally done using massage oil and the massage therapist’s hands. Depending on your needs, this massage generally uses lighter to medium pressure. This massage is meant to be soothing and relaxing to gently loosen the muscles. This includes many different massage techniques including effleurage, which is long gliding stokes down the back. Vibration techniques also may be used which is the shaking of the hands on the back.

Hot Stone massage

Hot stone massage is a type of thermotherapy that uses hot stones either solo or in conjunction with a hand massage. The heated smooth, round stones are placed down the spine, or in problem areas to help loosen muscles and allow for a deeper tissue massage.  If you are a person that is always cold or feels chills easily, a hot massage will help keep you warm while enjoying a massage. The hot stones may be used to actually massage the back. After the stones are used they may be left on the back while the rest of the body is gently massaged.  Hot stones can be added to any of our massage packages.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is similar to a Swedish massage, except that it uses medium to intense pressure. This type of massage is best for people with chronic pain or tightness. Deep tissue is meant to reach the deepest layers of muscles and tissue. Many times massage therapists will use their elbows and even other tools like wooden pieces to rub deeper than a normal massage. If you have back issues or are very sensitive this massage may not be right for you. If you can feel knots or a lot of tightness in your back, this massage can help relief some of the symptoms.

Reflexology Foot Massage

We also offer reflexology foot massages here at Touch MedSpa. Reflexology is a type of alternate medicine, which theorizes that different points in the foot (or hand) when touched correspond with different parts of the body. Applying pressure to certain parts of the foot will result in better health in the corresponding body part. The heel of the foot is most known to link to the lower back. The tips of the toes link to the head. The balls of the foot link to the heart, chest and stomach. There are many pressure points in the foot that are used to promote energy and health in other parts of the body. This massage is very relaxing especially after a long day of work!

Pregnancy Massage

Here at Touch MedSpa we also offer a special pregnancy massage. Pregnancy can strain the back, neck and shoulder muscles. A massage can help with minor aches and pains due to pregnancy, and can be a wonderful addition to prenatal care. This massage helps promote wellness, encourages blood flow, relaxes and calms nerves.

There are many other techniques and massage types used and practiced all over the world. Check out our extensive list of massages and packages that fit any need. We also customize our massage individually to each person’s specific needs, schedule your first appointment today!