What is Dry Needling & Is it Right for You?

Dry needling is used to treat trigger points using the same thin style needle as used in acupuncture.  It also offers many therapeutic benefits such as relaxing tight muscles, improves blood flow, decreases acute/chronic pain, releases neurotransmitters, and improves movement.

Evidence based research shows that dry needling can treat a variety of conditions such as joint problems, disc problems, motion disorders, spinal problems, whiplash, tendinitis, migraine and tension type headaches, jaw and mouth problems, pelvic pain, phantom pain and post-herpetic neuralgia to name a few.

The needles are so thin that most patients experience little to no discomfort during their dry needling sessions. However, sometimes when a needle hits a trigger point a “twitch response” may be elicited which feels like a slight cramp.  After your session you can go about your normal day with no restrictions, but you may experience soreness, drinking lots of water can help alleviate that. Typically, results can be seen in 3-6 sessions, however, that varies patient to patient.

If you would like to try dry needling give us a call today at 843-249-5433 or request an appointment below.

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