Your Options for Anti-Aging Treatments in North Myrtle Beach

Aging happens to everyone. One day every single one of us is going to wake up and ask ourselves, “When did that deep line get here?!” To be clear, these signs of aging aren’t inherently bad, but they do tend to affect our self-esteem. 

But guess what? It’s a wonderful time to be alive! We have the ability to look and feel our best now more than ever before—we can thank state-of-the-art aesthetic technology for that. When you come to our professional skin clinic, you gain access to a variety of anti-aging treatments in North Myrtle Beach. Keep reading to learn how you can reclaim your youth and make it last awhile🪞

Medical-Grade Skincare

If you aren’t new here, you know that of course we’re going to kick this off with medical-grade skincare. Could you expect anything less of us at Touch MedSpa? It’s not just because we enjoy skincare; it’s because an effective skincare regimen is the foundation of anti-aging and healthy skin! Without quality skincare products and consistency, the in-office treatments we do won’t have solid ground to stand on and your skin will let you know that. 

To start off, we recommend these 3 basic products: 

  • Cleanser
  • SPF
  • Moisturizer 

Simple enough, right? We aren’t just talking any given product from the drug store; you’ll need medical-grade products suitable for your skin type. 

Why Medical-Grade? 

Over-the-counter skincare products don’t contain the same concentration of active ingredients that medical-grade skincare products do. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid and salicylic acid are essential for exfoliating and healing the skin. The greater the concentration of ingredients, the deeper they penetrate into the skin for optimal absorption. 

Medical-grade products aren’t available at just any store; they are manufactured in a pharmacy and are only purchasable through a licensed skin clinic like Touch MedSpa. If your main concern is to reverse aging, developing an at-home regimen with the right products is the first step.  

Additional Products

Once we have your skincare basics set, we’ll work together to specialize your routine with additional products. These products can help with things like fine lines, hydration, exfoliation, balancing skin tone, and much more. 

Some products we may recommend: 

  • Nutrient-rich serums (e.g. vitamin C) 
  • Antioxidants
  • Masks
  • Toner 
  • Night cream
  • Mineral makeup 
  • Acne products
  • Exfoliants 

Before you leave our North Myrtle Beach office, you’ll know what your regimen looks like and how to use each of the products. Plus, your skincare team will continue checking in with you to see how your products are performing. 

Facials & Peels

Now that we laid the foundation for anti-aging treatments in North Myrtle Beach, we’re going to take it up a notch. Our medical facials and peels can work wonders for aging concerns! Browse your options by your specific concerns. Note: Many of these treatments can be combined for optimal results. 

Fines Lines & Wrinkles 

Skin Laxity (Looseness)

Sun Damage


Our line of minimally invasive injectables offers a variety of wrinkle- and line-reducing solutions. Additionally, we offer different types of filler and collagen-inducers (like Sculptra) to restore facial volume.  

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Lost Facial Volume

Touch MedSpa Esthetician Marking a Patient's Face for Injections


You can’t have anti-aging treatments in North Myrtle Beach without a variety of lasers to choose from. Whether your aging signs look more like deep lines and wrinkles or loose sagging skin, our skin specialists can work their magic!

Severe Lines & Wrinkles


Aging Spots/Sun Spots

Skin Laxity (Looseness)

Touch MedSpa’s Process

At Touch MedSpa, our passion lies in enhancing your experience here at our practice and being alongside you as we work together to build your confidence. One thing you can count on is our loyalty to your results! Here is how that looks in practice: 

Step 1: Consultation 

Our mission is to provide a space for patients to feel comfortable and cared for when sharing vulnerabilities. During the consultation process, we’ll ask you about your concerns and goals. This will help us decide on the anti-aging treatments that best match these goals. 

Here are some questions you can expect:

  • What results are you looking to see? 
  • What products/routines are or aren’t working?
  • Where do you want your skin to be and in what timeframe?
  • What questions do you have for our skin experts?

After we talk through everything and come to a mutual understanding, we’ll begin the VISIA Skin Analysis

Step 2: VISIA Skin Analysis

This technology takes images of your skin and detects issues under the surface, scanning for texture, pigmentation, pore size, sun damage, wrinkles, and bacteria. Because this is all happening under the surface, this technology is the only resource that lets us know what’s going on and how we can address it. 

Another helpful feature of the VISIA Skin Analysis is that it compares your skin against 100 other people in your age group to measure the current state of your skin. This helps us make recommendations based on any abnormalities we find. 

Patient Facing the VISIA Analysis Technology

Step 3: Custom Treatment Plan

We’ll take your results and everything we talked about to customize your treatment plan. No treatment plan should ever be one-size-fits-all. Maybe your goal is geared toward reducing fine lines and wrinkles while another patient’s goal is to get rid of sun spots. Whatever your desired results are, your plan will be created for you and only you! 

We’ll also build your plan based on these factors:

  • Your personal budget
  • Your skin type
  • The time of year (we don’t recommend certain laser treatments in the summer for your skin’s safety)

Step 3: Design At-Home Care Regimen

Once we build your custom treatment plan of in-office treatments, we’ll design an at-home skincare regimen. As we pointed out in the beginning of this blog, medical-grade skincare is vital to enhancing your anti-aging treatments in North Myrtle Beach. Your regimen will be unique to your skin and we can alter it at any time to better suit your goals.   

Step 4: Follow Up Appointments

This step is an ongoing process of checking in with our patients and making sure their skin is on the right track. We are results-driven and are never opposed to making changes if you and your skin are asking us to. 

A major resource we use in these decisions is yet another VISIA scan. After 30 days of your treatment plan, we will scan you again to assess your progress. This way, we’re making informed decisions rather than randomized trial and error. 

Membership Plans for Anti-Aging Treatments in North Myrtle Beach

The best way to reverse signs of aging is through consistent, continuous skin care. Skin care encompasses products, facials, peels, lasers, and any additional treatments we decide on together. Our membership plans can help you reach your goals quicker. By seeing us and receiving treatments on a consistent basis, we are all held accountable in bringing real results to the surface!


The Enhanced membership plan is designed to correct and prevent aging. Based on what your specific goals are, you can choose from options such as medical facials, advanced laser treatments, and wrinkle-reducing and volume-restoring injectables. If your aging concerns are more severe and require laser treatments, you can bank your monthly membership fee to put toward them.  

Price: $159 per month 

Each month, you’ll have the choice between these treatments:

Advanced procedure options (to bank membership money for):


The Ultimate plan is designed for full-face correction to plump, smooth, and reverse the aging process. If you feel you are struggling with various aging concerns, this is likely the plan for you. With Ultimate, you can pick from any of our advanced services and bank your membership fee for advanced procedures. 

Price: $199 per month 

Monthly treatment options: 

Advanced procedure options (to bank membership money for):

  • Botox
  • Fillers
  • Laser treatments
  • Skin care procedures

Which Membership Is Right for Me? 

Both memberships contain the best anti-aging treatments in North Myrtle Beach! The best way to determine which membership suits your needs perfectly is by coming in for a consultation. Our skin specialists will listen to your concerns and examine your skin to make a results-driven recommendation. If you have specific questions about the membership, give us a call

Address Aging with Touch MedSpa

Let’s get one thing straight: there’s nothing wrong with aging. But if you’re feeling worried or self-conscious about the aging signs that are popping up slowly or suddenly, why live with that when you don’t have to? Cutting-edge treatments at Touch MedSpa can restore your confidence.

Allow our team to work with you and help enhance your quality of life by providing the best anti-aging treatments in North Myrtle Beach.  

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