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Get the Most Out of Your Facials At Home With These 8 Products

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If you’re exploring the world of facials and skin treatments, welcome to the club! It’s a wonderful place to be and your skin will be thanking you. Though facials are an important part of the path to cellular turnover and beautiful, glowing skin, they aren’t the only step☝️ 

Taking care of your skin with products at home is equally important as receiving medical facials! You wouldn’t buy a car and never wash or detail it, right? We’re going to tell you how you can protect your investment (i.e. healthy skin) and how you can get the most out of your facials at home. We’re talking products, how to apply them, and how a skin care expert’s support can be a game changer. 

Begin with these products

First things first, you need: 

  • A cleanser
  • An SPF
  • A moisturizer

These are the basics that everyone should have––regardless of your skin type! When in doubt, cling to these three products for dear life. As you search for skin treatments near Myrtle Beach and discover the best ones for you, the Touch MedSpa specialists will recommend skincare products that will take your skin health to the next level. 

The products we recommend to you and the rate at which you use them will depend on your individual treatment plan. Instead of using this blog as exact instructions to follow, think of it more as a guide that you can reference as you navigate your treatment plan!

8 must-have products following skin treatments  

1. Soothing cleanser

A cleanser is important for cleaning your skin and removing oil, dirt, makeup, and any other impurities you’ve collected throughout the day. You’ll need a bit more than a simple face wash after you receive facials or any other skin treatments, as lasers and exfoliation treatments leave your skin sensitive and compromised. To protect its vulnerability, you need a cleanser that soothes your skin—and boosts your facials—at home. 

At Touch MedSpa near Myrtle Beach, our team has partnered with two medical-grade skincare brands: SkinCeuticals and ZO Skin Health. You have access to all the post-procedure products you’ll need at our practice!

Product recommendations: 

Application instructions: 

  • All you need is one pump; apply to your face in circular motions for 30 seconds. Rinse off with warm water. 

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C serums are a MUST! They protect your skin from free radical-causing environmental elements that damage your cells. As a cherry on top, vitamin C also improves skin laxity and firmness, while reducing signs of aging—like fine lines and wrinkles. 

Product recommendations: 

  • Serum 10 AOX
    • A fantastic introduction to vitamin C
    • Suitable sensitive skin
  • Vitamin C E Ferulic Serum 
    • Contains a special antioxidant combination for enhanced protection against environmental damage and aging 
    • Suitable for all skin types 
  • Radical Night Repair
    • Provides antioxidant protection, hydrates and restores skin barrier, and calms and soothes skin 
    • Suitable for all skin types

Application instructions: 

  • Apply to clean, dry skin as frequently as your Touch MedSpa specialist recommends.

3. SPF

Another essential product to get the most out of your facials at home (and prevent sun damage and skin cancer) is sun protection! We recommend having a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 in order to protect against all types of damaging sun rays. Limiting sun exposure and using adequate protection is the only way to ward them off. 

Post-procedure skin can be especially sensitive to the sun due to the process of exfoliating and removing layers of your skin, as well as certain chemicals we use on your skin. 

Product recommendations: 

  • Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50
    • Protects compromised skin against UVA/UVB rays by acting as a shield to reflect them off your skin
    • Suitable for all skin types
  • Broad Spectrum Sunscreen 
    • Protects sensitive, post-procedure skin against UVA/UVB rays, infrared rays, blue light, and free radical damage  
    • Suitable for all skin types 

Application instructions: 

  • Shake well before use. Apply generously to the face, neck, and chest 15 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply every 2 hours. 

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4. Phyto Corrective Gel 

Another product the Touch MedSpa team swears by is a soothing gel serum formulated by SkinCeuticals. It contains hyaluronic acid for skin laxity and preventing signs of aging, plus botanical ingredients (cucumber, thyme, and mulberry) to soothe and moisturize sensitive, compromised skin. If that wasn’t enough, Phyto gel minimizes any post-treatment discoloration to balance out your complexion and make you glow even brighter 🌟


Application instructions: 

  • Apply 2 to 3 drops after laser, medical facials, and peels to cool and calm your skin.

5. Epidermal Repair Cream

Protecting your investment of your treatments and facials at home should also include the SkinCeuticals Epidermal Repair Cream! It’s a moisturizing cream (are you noticing a pattern yet?) that aids in the healing of skin. It repairs your skin’s barrier after it has been compromised, and also creates a shield on your skin to protect it from environmental factors. After receiving a treatment near Myrtle Beach, you’ll definitely want to secure this repair cream. 


  •  Epidermal Repair Cream
    • Gently moisturizes and repairs post-procedure skin
    • Suitable for dry, normal, and sensitive skin

Application instructions: 

  • Gently rub in a dime-sized amount.

6. Moisturizer 

We know we’ve been all about the moisture—that’s because it’s essential! If you already have naturally dry skin and receive a treatment that can be semi-harsh on the skin, a rich, nutrient-filled moisturizer will be your best friend. 

Product recommendations:

  •  Hydra Balm
    • Soothes sensitive and dry skin; replenishes moisture 
    • Suitable for dry, sensitive, compromised skin
  • Hydrating Crème 
    • Calms, soothes, and moisturizes dry, irritated skin; aids in skin recovery  
    • Suitable for dry to sensitive skin

Application instructions: 

  • Apply generously to clean, dry skin.

7. Restorative Mask

Discomfort and irritation are normal post-laser, post-facial/peel experiences. The SkinCeuticals Biocellulose Restorative Mask provides immediate relief of discomfort and irritation while restoring the skin barrier. Thanks to this mask, you can trade out irritation for immense hydration! 


Application instructions: 

  • Apply the sheet mask and wear for 20 minutes. 

8. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Intensifier

Now that we’ve covered all the ways to enhance your facials at home, we want to share 

one last product we keep in our aesthetics toolbelt: the HA Intensifier! When you receive dermal fillers, we’re actually injecting hyaluronic acid into your skin. This product is designed to boost your skin’s hyaluronic acid levels and help your fillers last longer, promoting smoothness, volume, and a reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! 


  •  Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier
    • Increases skin’s hyaluronic acid levels and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Suitable for all skin types

Application instructions: 

  • Apply 4 to 6 drops to your hand and dab on your forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck. 

Why work with a skincare specialist?

Beyond receiving personalized treatment plans for facials, lasers, and other aesthetic treatments near Myrtle Beach, working with a skincare team can take your at-home skincare regimen to a whole new level

This is because when you go to a skincare specialist, you’ll receive individualized treatment and recommendations tailored to your specific needs. A skincare specialist’s extensive knowledge about skincare ingredients and their dedication to keeping up with the latest research allows them to make better decisions for your skin. 

The first step of this process is a complimentary in-depth consultation. You’ll have the chance to discuss your skin concerns, current routine, and what you’re hoping to achieve from treatment and from at-home facial products. We’ll listen to you, examine your skin using state-of-the-art technology, and build your personal treatment plan from the ground up. 

What’s more? We’ll continue checking in with you and adjusting your plan as needed to get your skin where you want it to be. Your needs matter to us, so it’s important to give us input! Be honest about what’s working and what isn’t, and we’ll make the changes. 

Ready to invest in your skin? 

Get the most out of your facials at home with a skincare specialist-monitored skincare regimen! The team at Touch MedSpa is ready and willing to help empower you to take skin care into your own hands (with the help of our cutting-edge in-office treatments, of course 😉).

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