Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Pampering Dad with Beauty and Wellness

Father’s Day is coming on June 16, 2024, and we here at Touch MedSpa in North Myrtle Beach couldn’t be more excited! Why? There are two reasons. 

First, because skincare, relaxation, and personal hygiene are important to everyone, including the fathers in our lives. 

And second, because dads deserve to be pampered as much as anyone else.

So, without further ado, here’s our guide to Father’s Day gift ideas that will help your dad look and feel special.

5 Thoughtful Skincare and Grooming Gifts for Dads

Check out these five thoughtful skincare and grooming gifts that are perfect for dads everywhere.

  1. HydraFacial Treatment at Touch MedSpa

Your dad may never have had a facial before, but when he experiences the HydraFacial treatment at Touch MedSpa, he’ll become a big fan of it! 

Our HydraFacial starts with a gentle exfoliation of the skin to remove dead skin cells, followed by extraction of impurities and ending with an application of serums that cleanse, soothe, and hydrate the skin. This is a great option for dads who need 30-60 minutes of quiet relaxation.

  1. Facial Cleanser

Dads of all ages need facial cleansers to keep their skin clear of dirt, grime, sweat, and acne. Gift him this LHA Cleansing Gel from SkinCeuticals, so that he can use it to decongest his pores, clarify and brighten his skin, and enjoy clean, smooth skin.

  1. Exfoliating Polish

Exfoliating should be a part of every father’s grooming regimen, as clearing away dead skin cells and impurities will make for a smoother, less irritating shave. This Exfoliating Polish from ZO Skin Health will get the job done, no matter your dad’s skin type.

  1. Mineral Sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential for dads, especially those who work out in the elements. Using a mineral sunscreen like this Broad Spectrum Sunscreen with SPF 50 from ZO Skin Health will provide him with all-day protection (if applied every two hours). It’s also non-irritating and protects the skin cells from free radical damage that could lead to skin cancers.

  1. Dark Spot Correcting Serum

Dark spots are a point of concern for many women as they age, but men experience them just as much, if not more (depending on how much time they spend outside). 

If your dad is sensitive about areas of hyperpigmentation on his skin, try presenting him with the Alto Defense Serum from SkinBetter Science. This formula is designed to help improve discoloration, as well as repair other types of skin damage that results from environmental oxidative stress.

Treat Dad To Relaxing Personal Care Treatments at Touch MedSpa

We tend to spend a lot of time and money providing personal care for our moms, but not as much for our dads. You can change that this Father’s Day by buying your dad a facial or any of the skincare products we referenced above. Just reach out to Touch MedSpa in North Myrtle Beach, and we can help you curate a perfect gift!