How Touch Does Hormone Therapy in North Myrtle Beach

Your hormones have a large impact on so many of your body’s natural processes. If they are out of balance, it can impact your overall well-being through different deficiencies. If you’re not feeling quite like yourself, with symptoms like low energy or low libido, your hormone levels can very well be the cause.

Our hormone specialists will evaluate where you’re currently at and help determine if hormone replacement therapy in North Myrtle Beach is right for you.

Our HRT process starts with a full panel blood work. These full panel tests allow us to better understand these specific areas in which patients have a deficiency or imbalance.

After performing your blood work, you’ll meet with a Touch MedSpa provider for a one-on-one consultation to learn more about your specific symptoms, challenges, and goals for treatment. We’ll also use this as an opportunity to learn more about your personal history and any allergies and medications you currently use.

After taking the time to learn more about you, your symptoms, and your specific hormone imbalances, we can begin to develop a treatment plan based on your unique profile. A key part of hormone therapy in North Myrtle Beach: nutraceuticals.

Nutraceuticals in North Myrtle Beach

Over the past several years, nutraceuticals have attracted a bunch of interest due to their potential nutritional, safety, and therapeutic effects. These products, and the bodily support they provide, play a role in a huge spectrum of biological processes. This includes, but is in no way limited to: antioxidant defenses, cell proliferation, gene expression, and safeguarding of mitochondrial integrity.

Fancy, right?!

So, nutraceuticals may be used to improve health, prevent chronic diseases, postpone the aging process, and in turn increase life expectancy, or just support the functions and integrity of the body. 

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s not.

The Touch MedSpa professionals trust these products because we’ve used them. Our team would never recommend treatments we’ve not tested ourselves. When we offer you nutraceutical solutions to your wellness concerns, you can rest assured that we’re providing quality treatment options.

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What Is A Nutraceutical?

So, for some folks, this may be the first you’re hearing about nutraceuticals. What we’re basically discussing is dietary supplements.

The reason that clarification is important, though, is because the actual, technical definition of nutraceuticals and their related products generally depends on the source. These products are classified by their natural sources, pharmacological conditions, as well as the chemical makeup of the products themselves. This can lead to a little inconsistency in the dialogue around them.

As a rule, though, nutraceuticals traditionally come in 1 of 4 forms:

A Dietary Supplement 

This is the most common variety. A supplement (you can probably think of what to expect pretty easily) contains nutrients derived from food products and is typically concentrated in liquid, capsule, powder, or pill form. We offer nutraceuticals in North Myrtle Beach in the form of supplements!

Functional Foods

This category of nutraceutical includes whole foods and fortified, as well as enriched or enhanced dietary components that may reduce the risk of chronic disease and provide a health benefit beyond the traditional health benefits it has.

Medical Food

A product used for dietary management, usually requiring internal injection or medical administration. Think protein gels provided to coma patients to keep them as healthy as possible.


Medication. This just means medication. Usually, medication is derived from modified agricultural crops or animals, but also sometimes other agriculturally derived products.

The Touch Hormone Therapy Journey

What sets our hormone replacement therapy treatments apart at Touch MedSpa is our commitment to finding your optimal hormone levels. Each person is different, and the specific treatments, dosage, and frequency of therapy needed will all be different as well. 

The problem with many hormone therapy clinics is that they don’t take this fact into account. Rather, the treatment programs are too rigid, causing some people to get too little or too much treatment at incorrect doses for substandard results. 

We want all of our patients to feel their absolute best, and going the extra mile to find your optimal hormone production level ensures a better chance of that outcome.

This is one of the major reasons that we bolster our treatments with nutraceuticals in North Myrtle Beach. They allow us to further tailor the treatment to meet your needs and match you where you are, and where you want to be in your wellness journey.

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