Hydrating Facial Treatment in North Myrtle Beach

Unveil Your Summer Glow With a Hydrating Facial Treatment in North Myrtle Beach

As the weather finally starts to warm back up, we’re all counting down the days until summer (and shopping for new bikinis, of course). In the midst of all this excitement, our team of skin experts want to remind you to take extra care of your skin during this transitional season. 

6 in 10 Americans struggle with what dermatologists call “winter skin syndrome”, leaving them with a dry, patchy, dull complexion. Although your sweat glands will start to produce more oils as the temperature warms up, oil doesn’t equal hydration

Investing in your skin’s health this spring not only revives your skin now, but also helps you maintain your summer glow year-round! As your skin loses moisture, it also loses its ability to “bounce back”, which can lead to premature wrinkles. Here’s why you should opt for Touch MedSpa’s favorite hydrating facial treatment in North Myrtle Beach.

Meet the HydraFacial

If the name doesn’t give it away, our HydraFacial is known for its unmatched moisture barrier restoring powers! This unique hydrating facial treatment in North Myrtle Beach offers a deep cleanse and custom peptide and antioxidant applications to revitalize any skin type. 

What to expect from a hydrating facial treatment in North Myrtle Beach

When you meet with our skin specialist in North Myrtle Beach, we’ll walk you through every step of the simple process. After resetting your skin with a detailed cleanse, careful extractions, and exfoliators, we’ll apply serums based on your goals to ensure the nourishment lasts for weeks to come. 

Our skin clinic in North Myrtle Beach offers 3 tiers of this skin resetting treatment:

  • Signature: Includes cleansing, extractions, and custom serum applications. 
  • Deluxe: Also includes personalized skin boosters with LED therapy.
  • Platinum: Adding onto the Deluxe option, we perform lymphatic drainage prior to your facial!

No matter which option you choose for your hydrating facial treatment in North Myrtle Beach, you can also add on dermaplaning to take your results even further. This proven method removes dead skin build-up and peach fuzz to restore your glow and allow for even deeper product absorption (and consequently longer-lasting results!).

Visit Touch MedSpa for the best hydrating facial treatment in North Myrtle Beach!

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