Jane Iredale – The Skin Care Make Up!

woman walking outside with more energy from hormone therapy


Most people live to buy make up to cover up their flaws and concerns.  We have a different way of treating our faces at Touch MedSpa.  Our mantra is “skin health”.  Put your best face forward with skin health first.


Protecting the health of your skin:  Sure, products are your BFF but, remember when investing in your skin don’t skimp on the makeup.  Why?  Make up can be the home for harsh chemicals, fragrances and bacteria.  It doesn’t take much to make our skin inflamed or irritated (can I get an Amen acne, sensitive skin or rosacea patients?!).  That inflammation causes problems with your skins PH balance – which is very important and the additives can also clog pores and leave a residue on the skin.


So, why Jane Iredale? Jane Iredale is free of additives and fragrances.  There are no preservatives and it is 100% all natural.  Jane was natural before natural was even popular.  She developed this make up line to aid in healing patients after extensive laser treatments or trauma to the skin.  Jane Iredale will directly play a role in decreasing inflammation in the skin, calming the skin and it’s easy to wash off so you actually have a clean face at night.  It will not clog pores either!  Also, a HUGE benefit to Jane Iredale make up is the SPF that is built into the product.  Because it is all natural this means it is a natural SPF.  It is the ONLY make up approved by the American Cancer Foundation as an SPF.  All of these qualities in this make up line make the products an extension of your skin care.  It will give you great coverage that you can feel good about wearing, worry free.


How can you get started with this healthy skin make up?   It’s easy!  We are happy to give you a complimentary foundation match at any time.  Just give Touch MedSpa a call and schedule your appointment with one of our make up artists.  The process can take about 20 minutes max and we will get you on your way to owning your new favorite make up!