The power of Preventative Skin Care near Sunset Beach

Stop Aging Before It Happens With Preventative Skin Care Near Sunset Beach

Aging is natural, but there are many aspects you can control. Touch MedSpa’s skin experts are strong believers in the powers of our preventative skin care near Sunset Beach, and we’ve laid out exactly why!

We offer a range of age-reversing treatments, from injectable wrinkle relaxers to laser facials, but world-renowned dermatologists agree that preventing wrinkles altogether is far more effective than actively reversing them. Plus, it’s never too early (or late) to start.

The causes of skin aging

As your skin produces less collagen every year, its framework weakens and leaves you with wrinkles, laxity, and worsened skin quality. While this isn’t completely avoidable, these lifestyle decisions can speed up premature aging:

What “preventive skin care” means

If you’ve ever met with a skin specialist near Sunset Beach, you’ve probably heard this phrase a lot. Essentially, preventative care means boosting your skin’s natural hydration, collagen, and elastin levels, making it more difficult to develop signs of aging. While there’s no universal product that works for everyone, everyone can benefit from preventative skin care near Sunset Beach. We’re thrilled that over 60% of patients across the nation have started to embrace the magic that is preemptive care!

Our preventative products

Our office is proud to offer a wide range of options for medical grade skin care near Sunset Beach, suitable for every skin type, lifestyle, and aesthetic goal! Our experts recommend personalized regimens after your consultation, but here’s a look at some of our best-sellers

SkinCeuticals’ Daily Brightening UV Defense Sunscreen

Daily SPF ranks #1 when it comes to preventative skin care near Sunset Beach. We love this Daily Brightening SPF 30 Sunscreen because unlike other formulas, it’s residue-free! Plus, the unique formula reduces discoloration to bring out your glow. 

ZO Skin Health’s Enzymatic Peel

Alongside hydration, regular exfoliation is crucial to maintaining a healthy skin texture—no matter your skin type. This Enzymatic Peel combines glycolic acids, natural oils, and enzymes, which work together to remove dead cells and repair your natural moisture barrier all in one!

Want to defy aging? Take your routine to the next level with Touch MedSpa’s preventative skin care near Sunset Beach. 

Kickstart your unique treatment plan by scheduling your complimentary in-person consultation in North Myrtle Beach! Our team takes pride in tailoring every aspect of our care according to your needs and goals, considering everything from your budget and timeline to your lifestyle. 

Beyond our extensive product selection, we also offer in-office treatments, including chemical peels and fractional laser resurfacing to streamline age prevention. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your dream complexion or try our instant consultation tool for immediate guidance!