Real Life Testimonial


I’m sure you’ve heard the statement “the best compliment you can get is always a referral of a friend or family member”.  In this case, we are swooning over this most recent blog post by Jess of champagnehasbubbles!  She is just a doll and recently moved here from L.A.  She came from the world of fashion.  Worked with big names such as Chanel and dressed the best of the best in Hollywood!  So, we were so excited of her presence when she reached out to us for an appointment but, with this little local L.A. celebrity I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous.  After all, her last MedSpa had a celebrity client list that includes Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce’, Kim Kardashian, and Victoria Beckham.  One can’t help but to ask….can we live up to that expectation?  Her main priority was skin health and like most people she didn’t want anything too invasive so a general skin care service seemed to be perfect for her. In the end it came down to a microdermabrasion treatment!  I can’t spoil a good story so if you want to know if she approved and even better….got some results, check out her blog!