How a Skin Specialist in North Myrtle Beach Builds Your Routine

Great skin care starts at home, but 60% of Americans admit that they feel uninformed about how to cleanse and care for their skin. We’re not here to point fingers or judge you, we understand that there’s a world of information (and misinformation) to work through, so we’re here to help!

There’s no universal “right” way to go about skin care—everyone’s routine looks different based on their skin type, concerns, goals, lifestyle, and budget. Rather than praying that a cleanser you found scrolling on TikTok does the trick, you can save yourself the time and money by opting for professional guidance. 

Here’s a look at how a Touch MedSpa skin specialist in North Myrtle Beach works to build personalized regimens. 

How a skin specialist curates your routine

As the premier skin clinic in North Myrtle Beach, we always start with a free consultation. This gives our experts the chance to evaluate your skin close-up and go over your concerns face-to-face so we can create your plan. We’re here to help you make the most of your skin treatment budget!

Selecting a cleanser

The first step of any routine is a gentle cleanser to wash away your daily oils and makeup and prime your skin for nourishment. Our skin specialist in North Myrtle Beach will select a foaming, gel, or oil-based cleanser based on your skin type. 

Choosing hydration sources

Especially around this time of year, many of us are facing severe dehydration. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as applying body lotion to your face at night—rather, we suggest opting for antioxidant serums and night creams to soothe and protect your skin day and night. Plus, crucial additions like vitamin C help to protect you against free radicals and slow early aging!

Promoting cellular turnover

No matter your skin type, regular exfoliation is key to maintaining your glow. This speeds up the rate of your skin’s turnover cycle, bringing new, healthy skin to the surface! Depending on your skin’s texture, we may offer gentle scrubs or more aggressive options to remove impurities. 

When and why we recommend in-office treatments

Depending on your goals, your skin specialist in North Myrtle Beach may recommend supplementing your at-home care with in-office treatments. This may be to offer a full reset to expedite your results (such as if you’re preparing for an event) or to penetrate deeper for more internal issues. 

From dermaplaning to micropeels or a hydrating facial treatment in North Myrtle Beach, our selection of medical facials offers results for all major concerns!

Schedule your visit with our skin specialist in North Myrtle Beach to upgrade your routine

It’s never too early or too late to step up your skin care! Our team is proud to offer a range of medical-grade products and professional facials near you in North Myrtle Beach so you can optimize your complexion at home and in the office (depending on your needs). 

Schedule your free in-person consultation to get started building your unique routine. Here, our experts will take a look at your skin, discuss your current routine and goals, and outline a plan just for you! Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to stay informed with more insider tips and be the first to know about our upcoming specials and events. We look forward to helping you love your skin again!

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