Sunscreen! Is it all it’s really chalked up to be?

Providers preparing for a skin consultation in North Myrtle Beach

The answer to this question is yes and no! If you are a sun bunny like me at some point you have realized you suddenly have freckles (and after the age of 20 they aren’t cute) or you have uneven skin tone, redness or large sunspots. So, if you ever wanted to avoid this then YES you should be using a sunscreen daily and not just in the summertime! Oh, and those fine lines or deep lines you hate…. you can go ahead and thank your friend Mr. Sunshine for some of those too!

So, why did I say yes and no? Well, the no comes from buying the wrong sunscreen! If it’s not effective, then it’s pointless. So, ditch anything expired, that isn’t broad spectrum, that is less than a 15 or more than a 50 and my friends stop buying the cheap stuff! Ingredients count and your health and your skin (the largest organ) is worth it!

Now let’s talk about exactly what to buy and how to choose:

1- So, why is anything less than a 15 pointless? Well it is simply not on your skin long enough. So, if you are buying that oil that has SPF. If the so-called SPF makes you feel better about yourself, you do you, kid. Truth is, if you want actual protection, we recommend a minimum of 30 and a max of 50. I personally go for the 50 so I can reapply less often. Also, above 50 is not effective for longer than 50 minutes. So, don’t spend the extra money on a larger SPF. Just go for a good quality 50.

2-Speaking of quality: You want broad band spectrum. This protects you from UVA (the aging rays) and UVB (the burning rays). Also, the ingredients are essential. Look for zinc oxide and titanium oxide. These are the only mineral UV filters shown to protect against the full UVA/UVB spectrum along with translucent color spheres and artemia salina to impart powerful UV protection.

3-Physical vs Chemical sunscreen. There is a major price difference between the two of these. But the quality is also much different. Physical sunscreens create an actual barrier between you and the sun. It’s often described as tiny mirrors that reflect the sun completely. This means no absorption when reapplied correctly. Chemical sunscreens still allow absorption of the sun and heat. Heat creates damage too. This sunscreen will not completely protect you. So, you don’t want to spend your savings on sunscreen. We recommend using chemical on your body as it is exposed to the sun the least. Use the physical on your face, neck, hands and chest. These areas are exposed daily. Yes, the sun is out daily…on rainy days, cloudy days, winter cold days…DAILY. So, use it DAILY! Also, in the world of technology, LED lights are equivalent to time in the sun. So, yes, if you use a cell phone, work at a computer, sit under lights all day…you need sunscreen and a physical one. I love SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion. It’s $36 and tinted. On days I’m not in the mood for makeup I just use that. This will typically last me 3-6 months depending on the time of year. For my chemical (which I only buy in the summer) I use the SkinCeuticals light moisture sunscreen. It is a 2 in 1 product that moisturizes my body while protecting it. The price for this is $32 and it comes in a big tube.

Now go straight to Touch MedSpa and get some good quality sunscreen, pack up that beach bag and hit the sand! You won’t regret it! Years down the road your skin will thank you!

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