The Benefits Behind a Dermaplane

Who out there loves a good dermaplane?! I know for me personally… it is one of my all-time favorite treatments! My skin feels so soft and smooth afterwards… it is amazing!! This time we are not lying when we say, “smooth as a baby’s butt!”  We have many clients who ask us questions about dermaplaning… What does it do? Does it hurt? Won’t my hair grow back thicker and darker?! What are the benefits? Continue reading to find the answers to those questions! 

What is a Dermaplane? 

A dermaplane is a deep scaling to remove the build-up of dry, flaky skin. It is a manual form of exfoliation that removes the top layer of superficial dead skin with a blade. Along with the dead skin, dermaplanes also remove the “peach fuzz” that you may notice on your face. This is referred to as vellus hair.  We use this as a tool to unveil healthy, vibrant skin underneath and to prime skin for chemical peels!  Typically, there is no downtime with this treatment! However, please, please, please… Have this procedure done by a professional (like at Touch MedSpa!). Do not try to dermaplane yourself at home!!! 

Okay… but does it hurt? 

The short answer is not at all! Most people think that this treatment will hurt or be uncomfortable. I can guarantee that this service is painless! I honestly love having them done, especially the immediate results! There is a different feeling to it, but I find them completely comfortable and relaxing! 

But I’ve heard my hair will grow back quicker and darker, right?

Again… this is not true! Some people question dermaplanes because they believe their hair will grow back thicker and darker. This is 100% false. You will not start growing a dark beard! Praise the lord! You can, however, have this treatment done all year round! 

What are the benefits?

Dermaplanes are great for product penetration and absorption! All the amazing (and expensive) products that you are using on your face will be able to penetrate so much deeper thanks to your dermaplane treatment! Products can perform best when they aren’t just sitting on top of the epidermis! The deeper, the better! 

Another major bonus to having a dermaplane is how well your makeup looks after! Your makeup will go on so smooth and it tends to last a lot longer on the skin since all the dry, dead skin and vellus hairs have been removed! Talk about a true glow! 

How often do I get one done? 

We recommend having a dermaplane done every 4-6 weeks to keep your skin in the best condition. If you are looking for a quick, inexpensive, yet effective pick-me-up for your skin, try out a dermaplane. We promise you will not regret it! 

Interested in a FREE Dermaplane?

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