The Power of a Plasma Pen

Have y’all heard of the power of the new Subnovii plasma pen? This non-surgical, FDA approved technology uses small electrical charges and focuses on deep creases, loose skin, as well as scars and small legions. As we age, our body’s natural collagen production starts to slow down. This is where loose, sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles come from! Don’t freak out just yet. With the help of the plasma pen, we can help combat that to lift and tighten laxity in the skin.

What Does it Do?

The energy ablates the surface of the skin and helps to jump start your natural healing process. This exclusive energy output allows for more precise applications and reduced healing time. However, the tip of the pen never touches the skin. How amazing is that?! Fibroblasts are found in connective tissue and are responsible for collagen production Using plasma waves, older collagen is removed while new collagen is created through stimulated fibroblasts. I’m not sure about how y’all feel… but science is fascinating!

What Areas can be Treated?

There are multiple areas that the plasma pen can effectively treat. These are:

  • Reduction of wrinkles around the lips, forehead, neck, and eyes.
  • Tightening of skin to reduce the appearance of aging, breast, buttocks, and face lifting.
  • Limiting the appearance of acne, hooded eyelids, loose or crepey skin, crows feet, as well as stretch marks.

Will There be Downtime?

In short, the answer is yes. You definitely want to avoid this treatment if you have a special occasion coming up right away. The recovery time after a plasma pen treatment is somewhere around 7-10 days. New skin will generate after your treatment and your body will increase collagen production over the next several months, with the full results being at or around the six-month mark. Winter is also considered “laser season” so now is the perfect time!

Am I a Good Candidate?

If this treatment has your interest, we offer complimentary consultations to see if the Subnovii plasma pen is a treatment for you! It is always important to talk with a licensed aesthetic provider to discuss pre and post-treatment care! Our number is 843.249.5433.

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