What to expect during the first laser hair removal session

Every year, many people decide to go through with a hair removal process. It is our job at Touch MedSpa to inform clients through the process and make them feel comfortable. This is true for men and women. After all, excessive hair can be a point of embarrassment and frustration for everyone, and we often treat men who are frustrated and less confident because of unwanted body hair. But our treatment philosophy is the same for everyone. We believe in being the best you holistically and strive to minimize the negative effects of unwanted hair.

During your first visit to one of our highly qualified aestheticians, you will experience one-on-one personalized care regarding your treatments. The first session begins with a consultation with one of our aestheticians. The aesthetician will go through a series of questions to better understand your needs. We want to ensure every hair removal is successful, so it is important to learn more about your health history and family history. After the consultation session, we determine your Fitzpatrick skin score using an FDA-patented device called the Skintel Melanin Reader. This handheld device measures how much melanin the skin contains. Depending on the results, your skin is graded with a Fitzpatrick score between 1—very light-colored skin that burns easily—and 6—very dark-colored skin that rarely burns. This score will help determine how strong the laser settings should be to have optimal effects and minimize potential damage to the skin.

The length of the session and the number of laser pulses will depend on how much hair you want removed and how large an area. Smaller areas like the chin will take less time than larger areas like the legs. Normally treatments last from 15-30 minutes. If you have not shaved the area, your provider will shave the treatment area before we apply the laser. We always recommend you do this before your treatments. The session will begin with lighter laser pulses to help ease the patient into the treatments. The entire area will be treated with the laser on a lower level and then a second time with a bit stronger pulse. There may be frequent pauses in laser pulses to allow for cooling and icing.

How should you expect to feel during the treatment?
The laser head has an automatic cooling system in each head. So you will feel a combination of cooling and warmth with each treatment. The lighter the setting of the laser pulse, the less painful the treatment will be. The higher the laser, the more discomfort you may feel. The strength of the laser will depend on the coarseness and color of your hair. Many people compare it to the feeling of a light snap of a rubber band or a quick sting. It is important to understand there may be some discomfort in each treatment, but any pain you experience will be easily manageable and easy to alleviate. Many patients are comfortable after taking anti-inflammatory pain relievers before (and sometimes after) treatment; you can also use ice to soothe treatment areas after the treatments, and we can provide numbing cream on request.

After each treatment, make sure to follow the post-treatment guidelines. You may experience a warm or sunburnt sensation in the treated area, which can be treated post-op with an ice pack as needed. The site may be red for a few hours after the treatment, but the redness should subside within 2-24 hours.