Why Should You Do Laser Hair Removal and Tattoo Removal in the Winter?

Looking for the Best Time to Start Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal?

Do you have unwanted hair or a tattoo that just needs to go? Are you tired of shaving or hiding your ink? I’m sure you’re all wondering when the best time would be to start these treatments. Well, look no further! Winter tends to be the best time of year to get most laser treatments. It’s always better to start tattoo removal and laser hair removal sooner than later. Some people may not know that tattoo removal and laser hair removal are not one-and-done procedures. It’s already February, so why wait?! Let’s keep reading to see why winter works best.

Your Tattoo and Hair will be gone by Summer

Let’s be honest… who hibernates during the winter?? I know I do! But, getting out for a laser hair removal treatment or tattoo removal session could have you beach ready by Memorial Day weekend! No matter which service you choose (or both!!), you’ll need to dedicate months to the removal. So, let’s just rip it like a Band-Aid and start now! You don’t want to start this process close to the summer months and let it ruin your vacation plans! Don’t you hate dressing up in a dress or tank top and that unwanted hair/tattoo is throwing off your confidence?! Let’s get a move on this winter and get the removal process started today!

There is Less Sun 🙂

We have new technology with the Deka Motus AX. This is the machine we use for laser hair removal! It is pain free, we can treat almost any area, and we can treat any skin color! We also can treat any time of year. However, we cannot treat someone who has fresh sun exposure or a sunburn. We recommend waiting one week before and one week after. That’s why, coming in the winter is also a plus! There is not as much pressure on worrying about the sun. If you cannot avoid the sun, always remember to wear sunscreen!! We have you covered on that as well at the spa! Let’s say goodbye to your razor and hello laser 🙂

For tattoo removal, we carry the Discovery Pico laser. It is important to stay out of the sun for several weeks prior to treatments. Tanned skin can alter your results! For example, having a tan or sunburn will make your skin more sensitive than usual, which may cause more irritation during your session! Peeling or blistering during the healing process are also more likely to occur on tanned or burned skin and can ultimately lead to scarring. You can also risk hyperpigmentation. It is important to avoid the sun for several weeks after a treatment. This is understandably much easier during the colder months because you aren’t spending as much time outdoors, and your skin is covered! Winter allows us to throw on a sweatshirt, scarf, or pants to avoid questions from friends and family about what is happening with your tattoo.

Where do I go for these Treatments?

At Touch MedSpa, of course! If either of these treatments spark your interest, give us a call today! We offer complimentary consultations for tattoo removal and laser hair removal! We have packages for both services. Call the spa to find out more 🙂

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