Chiropractic Care and Optimal Health

by Michelle Foster

Have you ever been drying your hair and then the lights go out and the dryer stops? A breaker has been tripped, you walk to the box and flip a switch, and everything starts working again.

Regular chiropractic care is like a breaker box and can often get you on the road to achieving your optimal health. We have 3 main barriers on the road to optimal health – physical, chemical and mental.

The physical barrier can include accidents, falls, sports and improper lifting. Chiropractors investigate the nervous system that runs up and down the spine and branches out through the body in order to treat and alleviate the symptoms. Regular adjustments can alleviate pain associated with lower back pain, sciatica, scoliosis, hip pain, headaches and neck pain. Upon the initial adjustment you can expect to feel your muscles and ligaments relax. It’s important to seek treatment for those aches and pains in a safe, natural and drug free environment.

The chemical barriers that we need overcome include smoking, pollution and preservatives in food. That’s where we need to watch what goes into our body. Good nutrition goes a long way!

The last barrier is mental, which includes all the stress, anxiety and worry that we carry around. Exercising to clear the mind and getting a restful sleep are important elements to follow. Living your best life and inserting regular chiropractic care can get you well on your way to achieving your optimal health.

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