Earth Day Beauty: Sustainable Skincare Practices You Can Love

Earth Day takes place every year on April 22. This event reminds us to be mindful of our impact on our environment, and also to strive to incorporate “greener” practices into every aspect of our lives – even in our skin!


In the spirit of the occasion, we’re sharing sustainable skincare practices you can love without giving up on makeup or spa day. After all, caring for the planet means caring for yourself, too!


Let’s get to it!

1.  Switch To Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands and Products


The simplest thing you can do to support the environment is switch to eco-friendly beauty brands and skincare products. Choose makeup companies like Jane Iredale that use organic, mineral-based ingredients, and sustainability-forward skincare brands like Skinceuticals, Skin Better, and ZO Skin Health.

2.  Use DIY Recipes For Natural Skin and Haircare


Many store bought skincare and haircare products use toxic preservatives (like parabens) that are not just bad for your body, but also for the soil and our water supply.


For those reasons, it’s actually healthier and “greener” to follow DIY recipes and use safe ingredients to make your own scrubs, masks, hair treatment, and other spa products.


Now, we know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that it would be too hard or time consuming to make these products yourself.


But we promise that 1) you can do it, and 2) all the time and effort you put into them will be totally worth it!


It may not even be that hard! This sugar scrub recipe uses only 2-4 ingredients and takes less than two minutes to whip up. And you can make a detoxifying clay mask using just food-grade bentonite clay and water.


All you have to do to get started on these or any similar recipes is research and gather supplies. In the long run, you’ll probably find that in addition to being better for your health, it’s also cheaper to make these things than it is to buy them!

3.  Recycle and Reduce Waste in Your Beauty Routine


Finally, let’s talk about recycling and reducing waste in your beauty routine. This is an important topic to discuss because according to Clean Hub, more than 120 billion pieces of packaging waste are produced by the beauty industry every single year.


It may not seem like you can do anything to stem that tide, but just remember that every little action helps. Consider incorporating these habits into your daily self-care routine, so that you can make a difference in saving the environment from waste.


  • Instead of reaching for disposable cotton rounds that can only be used once to remove your makeup, buy reusable cloths or pads.
  • When you open a box of beauty or skincare supplies, set it and the packing material aside for recycling instead of tossing it in the trash.
  • Find a makeup recycling program like Nordstrom BEAUTYCYCLE and drop off (or mail in) your empty makeup packaging.

Go All Natural With Skin Treatments at Touch MedSpa


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