Chiropractic Care for Your Child 

Have you ever considered chiropractic care for your child? As parents, we would do anything for our child not to feel bad or be in pain. Chiropractic care in children is on the rise and has many benefits along with being drug-free and noninvasive. Childhood can physically be traumatic on your child from the time they start crawling. The many missteps in a child’s life can cause a shift in their musculoskeletal system that can interfere with their body’s ability to perform at an optimal level.

*Sleep patterns can be helped. Adjustments can help relax the body and result in a better and more restful sleep.

*15% of babies are diagnosed with colic. Chiropractic treatment is a safe and natural way to ease symptoms of colic.

*Chiropractic treatment can help sports injuries heal faster through regular adjustments and stretching. A study in the Journal of Chiropractic Research stated that athletes under chiropractic care can help improve agility, balance, perception and power.

*Headaches are mostly caused by muscle tension in the back or neck. Manipulations can help relieve the tension and calm the muscles and joints.

*Earaches in children are common and can cause a lot of pain. Regular adjustments can help open the blockage and relieve the pain.

*Because there are specific areas of the spine that are connected to digestion, visiting your chiropractor can also help in that area. Children experiencing acid reflux, constipation and stomach aches could benefit from a regular visit to the chiropractor.

I love visits from our smaller clients. Last week one of our clients brought in her grandchild that was having trouble getting his head to turn past a certain level. After one adjustment she saw a difference in his range. Another one of our smaller clients likes to refer to Dr. Bell as the one that gets the popcorn out.

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