A client’s Story for Laser Hair Removal Part 2

Hopefully you have read my last blog about my experience with excessive facial hair. My experience with laser hair removal at Touch MedSpa has been a very successful, and positive experience. I have gone through three treatments and I have already experienced about 80% hair removal. Like I said before I was very hesitant to do hair removal again because I did not have success at the last office I visited. So far this has been a way better experience.
It started with my consultation with the aesthetician, she was very thorough about asking questions to get to know my issues and understand my needs. The first treatment was way better than I had experienced prior. She walked me through everything she was doing and warned me of when it would hurt a little. She also iced my face as she went along which made the process more comforting. The removal process lasted about 30 minutes. I had my neck, chin and face done, so this is why it took a good amount of time. She was very thorough with the after treatment process and what I should expect hours and days after the treatment.  I left feeling encouraged and excited for my next visit instead of miserable.  After my visit my face was red for a few hours, but subsided as the day progressed. I iced my face and also used cortisone cream.  Some of the hair started to fall out, while some also grew back.
My next treatment was three weeks later. We did less laser hair removal pulses, but used a stronger pulse.  The reaction after the treatment was a little worse than the first time. When I left the aesthetician told me I should be prepared for some slight scabbing and brown skin. The first few days I was a little concerned because my face did not look that great. So I was able to call her and ask if it was normal. She assured me that it was and the worst was over. She told me to give it a few days, and a process to follow to continue the healing. After about a week my face looked way better and I was so surprised at the results. Literally the hair was just gone. I can’t even express how happy I was that I had found something that finally worked! I really only had hair growing back in a few small places.
My third treatment went much like the first with just some redness afterwards. More of the hair that was growing was gone. I am looking forward to the next few treatments and I can’t wait to finally be hair free. Believe me I have had my hesitations, and I can relate with anyone else that has hesitations, but this time around has been worth it. Not only was it worth it but also it was an uplifting, positive experience! I would recommend this laser and facility to anyone.