Finding Balance During The Holidays

Tis’ the season for all the hustle and bustle! Decorating the Christmas tree until your back hurts from all the ornaments you had to put on it!  All the cooking and shopping that has to be done, having to sneak presents in and out the house like a thief in the night, trust me it is exhausting. Sometimes it is hard to find balance in the midst of the Holidays. It is important to never run on empty, in order to keep giving, you must fill your cup. Below are some tips on how to find balance during the holiday season. 

  • Make a short list of two or four things to accomplish

It’s important to not overwhelm yourself with 8-10 things that need to be accomplished in one day.  You will end the day feeling so unsatisfied that you didn’t finish them all and that will result in you feeling upset or negative about finishing the rest. Take a breath. Step back. And just put down the tasks that NEED to be completed that day. You are human, not a superhero! Even though we all wish we could be!!

  • Setting Boundaries 

We all know these parties that seem to be every single weekend, that you made a priority to go six months ago! Don’t stay longer than you want. When you go to a party that doesn’t obligate you to stay until the bitter end. Instead, just drop by for a few minutes, say hello, and explain you have other engagements.  Just showing up and staying for an hour or two is enough and the host will be glad you came!  You do not have to feel obligated to stay until midnight after a long day at work. 

  • Find time to exercise

Find time out of your day to exercise, this does not have to be a full-blown workout.  Just moving your body for 30 minutes can really help you clear your mind. Yoga is very relaxing and can totally unwind me down after a busy day at work!  Just taking 30 minutes to an hour a day can help you clear your mind and overall feel better!

  • Take time for YOU 

During the holidays we are always focusing on others and we forget to actually just take a day for ourselves. One guilty pleasure I enjoy on days I spoil myself is a good relaxing massage! We offer so many different types of spa massages from our wonderful team here at Touch Med that will leave you feeling refreshed.  One go to if you are in a high stress mind space is the Stress Relief!!  Remember it is important to be the best version of yourself, so you can show up at your job, in your relationship, or even in the family!  If you mentally and physically feel the best, you can be the best.

Remember to breathe during the holidays!  No one is perfect and no one expects that from you either.  We are all human and it is important to remember that finding balance in every aspect of life is important.  We hope these tips help during this holiday season! Like always, thank you so much for reading and hope you enjoyed!

The Touch Med Team