Time To Party! Touch MedSpa’s Pre-Party Skincare Checklist for Being Camera Ready

The new year has come and gone, but we still have the entirety of 2024 to look forward to for celebrations – including holidays, birthdays, wedding parties, and even “just because we can” parties.

But here’s a question you may not have thought of before: What does all this partying mean for your skin?

It means that if your skin is going to hold up for all the Instagram pics you’re going to snap, you’ll need to give it some love!

Not sure where to start? Say no more. Or rather, say one word: “Hello” to Touch MedSpa’s pre-party skincare checklist for being camera-ready!

Pre-Party Skincare Checklist (Before Applying Makeup)

Regardless of where your next party is located – in a neon nightclub, a candlelit restaurant, or a sparkling beach in the Maldives – the key to looking stunning in photos is giving your skin some proper TLC.

Here are four items you should always check off your pre-party skincare checklist prior to applying makeup.

●     Exfoliation

Let’s talk exfoliation.

Some people love it while others hate it, but there’s no doubt that regularly exfoliating your skin can do wonders. It clears away dead skin cells, unclogs your pores, smooths your skin texture, brightens your complexion, stimulates collagen growth (which in turn will help you grow new skin cells) … the list goes on.

Trust us, you don’t want to leave out this step.

●     Hydration

Hydration is super important for helping your skin look fresh, youthful, and glowing, like you just stepped out of a pool. It reduces flaky skin, soothes acne and redness, and overall makes you feel cool and soothed.

●     Anti-aging Protection

Anti-aging products promote skin cell turnover, reduce hyperpigmentation and scarring, and even add volume to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. All of which is essential for a filterless Instagram-worthy look.

●     Sun Protection

Finally, do not – repeat, do not – forget about sun protection! The UV rays put out by the sun can damage your skin and cause dark spots, dry areas, and leathery texture. Even on cloudy days! So, before you start adding foundation and other makeup products to your face, add sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

All the above checklist items are available from the medical-grade skincare brands we carry at Touch MedSpa: SkinCeuticals, Skin Better, and ZO Skin Health. Don’t forget to undergo our virtual assessment or book an in-person consultation to find out which products will work best for your skin concerns!

Insider Secret For Flawless, Camera Ready Glow: Nano Peel Treatment at Touch MedSpa

Okay, you know that exfoliating, hydrating, and applying anti-aging and skin protection products is important for that perfect party skin. But we haven’t told you about our insider secret for flawless skin that will make you camera-ready in one go.

Allow us to introduce you to our Nano Peel Treatment!

Nano Peel is a laser treatment that targets the surface layer of your skin, causing it to peel away and take dead skin cells along with it. This process can also reduce hyperpigmentation, acne, and sun damage; improve your skin’s texture; and stimulate new skin growth.

The downtime for Nano Peel is just a few days – plenty of time before your next outing with your friends, family or significant other.

Schedule a consultation with Touch MedSpa in North Myrtle Beach to discuss a Nano Peel Treatment and skincare products that will prepare you to shine at parties in no time!